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sakura_006.gif (1733 bytes)Welcome everybody! Welcome to Yuu cha-n's Yuu Watase's manga page! I'm Yuu ^_^ Yuu Watase sen-se is my favorite manga artist!! She's a real famous manga artist, with Fushigi Yuugi, every manga fans know her well as a great manga artist! I'm going to introduce to you her manga works and her information here, and also with some others great manga which I strongly recommend!! Here we go!!

<Last update: 13/8/2000>

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sakura_007.gif (1426 bytes)Fushigi Yuugi ~ This is the first manga I read by Watase sen-se!! There's already 13 vols of the series available in my language already when I started to read it, 'cos it's so cool, I read nearly the whole 13 vols within a day!! Then I got crazy with all her works and stuff--- read all her previous works, tried hard to find and buy products related to her series etc., and I also started my 1st homepage-- Fushigi Yuugi !! ^o^

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sakura_007.gif (1426 bytes)Ayashi no Ceres ~ This is the first series that I read from the beginning till the end on the comic magazine ^_^ I should say that her drawing skill is continuously improving so fast that the characters and the background of this series is the best among her and most of other manga! Although the story is a bit serious, but the mystery in the story, especially the identity of Tooya, is the element which attracts everyone of us into the story!! May be it's more suitable to some "elder" readers (like me), with those biological terms and concepts. ^^;; Serious though, there's some points which will make you laugh~ this series really show that Watase sen-se is able to work on different titles and style~

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sakura_007.gif (1426 bytes)Imadoki ( Heartbeat of the moment) ~ The story after Ayashi no Ceres, about a high-spirit girl called Yamasaki Tanpopo who met a guy before the beginning of the term in her new famous high school. That guy was kind hearted, and believed that plants are friends of him. On the day of the school opening ceremony, she met that guy again. But he became such a cool man that he even said that he didn't know her, and killed the real plant!( Planting new plants in school is not allowed) On the ceremony, Yamasaki announced that she MUST became the friend of him-- Kugyou Gouki-- a rich and brilliant student in the school!! ~ This time, back to school story again~ but maybe Ayashi no Ceres is such a "big scale" and grand story, I feel that Imadoki is something really quite different, feel strangely... in fact I think the story is a bit silly but... I think comment should be made after reading more ^^;;

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AnC no Forum

A place where you can discuss and raise any questions about Watase sen-se and her works!!

Yuu's shrine
~Introduction and some interviews about Yuu Watase sen-se~

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Information about the products (character goods etc) of Watase sen-se's manga.

Comics Info
~ List and introduction of all Watase sen-se's manga works~

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This is Japanese, which mean some recommended things for you >

sakura_006.gif (1733 bytes)Here are some other pages which I made/ I've participated in ^^;; They're all good serious that I recommended! Doudo Yoroshiku!!

sakura_007.gif (1426 bytes)Angelique - The road to be the Queen ~ This is a game, and is also a manga, solely for Girls!! Why is "Dokimeki Memory" becomes so popular? That will be the reason for Angelique becomes so popular in Japan too! With 9 Guardian Angels and 3 Tutors later, included different types and styles of guys, you must able to find your favourite type here!! For the game, it's a love simulation basically (have one RPG game). Besides, there're also Manga, Magazine, Character goods,CD and radio Drama~ by popular and famous cast!! The illustration is by Yuro Kairi, is really great too!! You can see that this series is really popular in Japan... among girls ^^;;!!! But because the most interesting part is to know what the character said in the game, which is in JAPANESE... and I think this is a reason why the game is not popular oversea.

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sakura_007.gif (1426 bytes)Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - The meaning and the official Eng name of it is "For you in full blossoms". The story is about a Jap Girl (Mizuki) living in US is attracted by a high school guy-- Izumi Sano, who is very good at High Jump, she went back to Japan and entered his school... which is a BOY SCHOOL!! So she disguise as a guy there... this is a really joking manga, with Nakatsu who like Mizuki so much that he's somewho quite afraid of knowing himself being homosexual, while there's the real homosexual good looking school doctor Umeda, and Nanba who inherited the "good looking gene" from the family etc~ this manga is by Hisaya Nakajyo, the illustration is also really great!! This's a page of me and 2 of my friends, but mostly done by my friend, Maymay there~ hee~ ^^;; 'cos my fav artist is still, Yuu Watase sen-se!!

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sakura_006.gif (1733 bytes)~About Yuu cha-n~sakura_006.gif (1733 bytes)

construc.gif (3658 bytes)Jibunshoukai-   Want to know who is Yuu cha-n~? Here may give you some idea!!

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