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The old personal home page of Yuval Heller

This page is not updated (it has been last updated on 2003). For my updated academic home page press here.

Details about myself

Name Yuval Heller
Birthday 2.2.1979
Location Tel-Aviv, Israel

2005 - Tel Aviv University - M.Sc. in mathematics (with special distinction)

2000 - Hebrew Universoty of Jerusalem - B.Sc. in mathematics & physics (with distinction)

Research Field Game Theory
Occupation Operations research
Hobbies Reading, hiking, mathematical puzzles, chess.

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 Original Work

My M.Sc. thesis  (english, mathematics, game theory) - A minority-proof cheap-talk protocol :

Abstract: Playing a correlated strategy in a game requires a fair mediator that confidentially receives some information from the players (their types), makes a secret lottery and privately recommends each player how to play. In this paper we deal with the question whether it is possible to play a correlated strategy without a mediator, using only "cheap-talk" (non-binding, non-verifiable communication without any influence on payoffs), in a way which is "resistant" to coordinated deviations of sub-coalitions. Our main result shows a general "cheap-talk" protocol that can implement any correlation, and is resistant to coordinated deviations of any minority. Furthermore, we show that this protocol is optimal, in the sense that there is no general "cheap-talk" protocol that is resistant to deviations of half of the players.

Links: Dissertation (pdf),   paper draft (pdf),   presntation  (pps).

Mathematics (first 2 in english, all other in hebrew) :

Name: Type: Year: Description
VERED - a Bayesian inference tool Application (EXE) 2003 VERED gets 3 inputs:
  1. a prior probability distribution of a reliability of a device
  2. The number of trials the device was tried (each trial is either a success or a failure).
  3. The number of success in the trials.
VERED calculates (and visually present) the posterior probabilty ot the device's reliabilty using Bayesian interference. programmed with the help of Hovav Dror. contact me for getting the code (delphi). [english (the documentation file is in hebrew)].
A simple game solver Application (EXE) 2003 A simple 2*2 game (matrix) with partial information solver. contact me for getting the code (delphi) [english]
Algorithmic challanges for search engines power-point (PPS) 2003 Presenting current open problems (mostly in graph theory) that are important for researching the internet & developing better search engines [graph theory, hebrew]
Assymetric Auctions power-point 2002 Current mathematical knowledge about asymmetric auctions [game theory, hebrew]
Assymetric war of attrition (part I, part II) word 2003 Why animals often make symbolic battles on territories (the intruder give up after a short time even if he's stronger)? [mathematical genetics, hebrew]
Concentration of eigenvalues of random matrices word 2002 [graph theory, hebrew]
Exploratory Modeling power-point 2001 How to research a multi-variables model? [operations research, hebrew]
Mathematical thinking course for
junior high school (part I, part II, part III)
word 2000 Mathemtical riddles, games & other interesting stuff, [hebrew]

Non-Mathematics (hebrew):

Name: Type: Year: Description
The fall of France (WWII) power-point 1998 A detailed presentation about the fall of France at 1940 battles against Germany [hebrew].
All my sons review word 2001 a review about the book all my sons of Arthur Miller (written by vered heller) [hebrew]
Recommended foods wordsheets Excel 2002 Some useful information about foods according to the very recommended "the zone" diet
War efforts in space power-point 2000 A description of the war efforts in space (satellites & future weapons) [hebrew]
Super conductivity word 2000 a BA physics lab report [physics, hebrew]
A review of "Ordeal in space" of . word 2000 A review of the recommended science-fiction short story "Ordeal in space" of R. Heinlein [hebrew].

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Recommended Links

Hebrew sites

Oldies For Ever >A great site with a large collection of classic computer games.
Israel vegetarianism site a very detailed & resourceful site
Israeli songs - MP3 music songs' words, acords & tabs, pictures, top-songs lists and much more
YNET games a large variety of links to free web games
good sites for hiking in Israel Maariv Fixtravel, Index of trips, Zofit family trips, nature & views in Israel, AlterNetiv
Comparing prices Dapey-Za'av, Zap
Israeli science fiction society
Israeli portal for science fiction An updated, interesting & very comprehensive site.
Israely role-playing organization
Aspamia dreams magazine Israeli original science fiction stories
MIOK - Israel health portal
Hebrew math puzzles A nice collection of hebrew math puzzles at David Shay's home page
the forum of the toad a forum of my friends from Petah-Tikva
Hebrew freeware site a lot of links to useful hebrew software

English sites

DOSBOX A recommended dos emulator (for windows), allowing play oldies with sound.
Star-Control 2 A link for downloading a free modern version of the evergreen computer game. This version fully supports windows & fully speaking (You can hear all the aliens you meet).
Orisinal games Very nice web games
Wikipedia Wikipedia is a multilingual project to create a complete and accurate free content encyclopedia. We started in January 2001 and are currently working on 199213 articles in the English version.
Nutrition Facts Calorie Counter NutritionData (ND) generates nutrition facts labels and provides simplified nutritional analyses for all foods and recipes. ND tells you what's good and bad about the foods you eat, and helps you select foods that best meet your dietary needs.
The site of the zone diet a very recommended healthy diet
Tha Anorakws guide to the prisoner A detailed episode guide abput the classic British SF TV show
The Prisoner episode guide another recommended episode guide of the classic SF show
Everything you wanted to know about Memento A detailed analysis of the great movie of Nolan brothers

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Photo Gallery (Israel views):

Feel free to visit my photo album at
Background picture: Mountains near Jerusalem.

Hermon mountain
Birds at sunset in the Negev desert.
Ayun Fall near Metula.
The little crater near Dimona.

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