Ep. 12 is in process of writing/recording more or less. That's all I heard for now. Also be sure to check out the new project underway that I, Lanipator, Vegeta3986, and Masakox are scheming. >D heeheeeheeeeee >>;

While I'm at it, I'll be posting the vids on my youtube account: ITouchedYusuke, so yes, more people to subscribe to. And No, The Naruto Abridged and Yu Yu Hakusho abridged aren't going away. this is just something else to do from time to time. :] So don't worry, you can still wait for new episodes to arrive of your favorite abridged shows!



Well, Ep.11 is in progress, it should be up soon so look out for that. Yusuke Rants #2 is posted on youtube, dailymotion, veoh, etc... Also: Post on the forums! We have over 200 members already! Keep posting those suggestions, concerns, comments, etc~ But please PLEASE read the rules. I've caught numerous NOOBS not reading the rules and whatnot. So please, read the descriptions of the threads and stuffs. Well that's all that I can think about for now .___. be back soon with another post! And hopefully ep.11~

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