A little about me and this site

Welcome to my home away from home. This site will be slowly updated to include a little about myself and will include links for the transgender community. I have collected medical studies, transition at work, legal, and personal pages that have helped me on my journey. I also expect to link news stories that concern the trans community.

Where do you fall into the spectrum of gender? Were you even aware there was such a thing? Take a look at the world around you and the people that inhabit it. We are a mixture of what has been defined as male and female. It is those of use who have fallen in between the binary system to challenge old ideas. As technology grows we find that we do not have to be entrapped by these old ideas. We can go forth and forge new paths for ourselves. New paths are never easy and it is important that we leave signposts along the way so that the next generation can forge ahead, possibly to areas that few of us will ever see. It is not the destruction of what currently exists that we seek, only to have a home within it.

Why put this page out on the 'Net? Easy. When I was growing up we did not have such a fantastic resource. I had to do most of my research by daily talk shows (long before Springer thankfully) and a couple of books here and there although most of them were horribly out of date. To journey on the T path can be a difficult one, but if one can prepare themselves a bit at the beginning then it may be just a bit easier. Ultimately we are all unique individuals that have been shaped by our own experiences and can only see the world through our own eyes.



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