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Hello, welcome to Yvonne's Dachshund Page. I'm Yvonne Miller, and this page is to show off my short hair Dachsies, talk about the breed, and many other things. My husband, Terry, and I got started raising Dachsies, when we got out first female over a year ago. Her name is Sissy, a red sable short hair mini. She is such a loveable dog, she even thinks she is one of the family. We adore her, and wanted to breed her. A trip to the breeder was a bad investment, so we elected to find a mini male, black and tan. After searching for quite a while, we decided to get Austin. Austin is a red dapple mini, with quite the personality. At the age of 9 months he fathered a litter of pups. Sissy gave birth to four pups, but the first was stillborn. The survivors are "Chubby', a tan sable who loves to play and eat. The next one is "Annie", a brown and tan dapple, and was named by the folks that bought her. Last but not least is "Precious Girl", the black and tan we wanted. We are considering breeding Sissy again, and think that we found our family hobby.Here are a few pictures of our little family.

WE will be adding more soon, so please stop by soon. Feel free to email me

Thanks for stopping by and visit again soon.Also visit my husband's page Fordman's Page for some tips, and info on Ford vehicles. We drive all kinds, that is of U.S. vehicles, we prefer Fords. We choose not to patronize forein automakers, regardless of where they assemble them. We believe in work for Americans, and profits staying in the U.S.

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