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I know I have not updated this site in a while. I have been working on my mysapce.com site. Please vist that site as I update weekly there. So my ACL replacement went great and now I'm just waiting for the realy of the healing to happen as you can't rush that and then I will be getting a brace and get back to training!
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List of 2007 Shows
April 21, 2007 SAW Highgate, VT
May 26, 2007 APCW Seekonk, MA
Jun 2, 2007 SAW Highgate, VT
Jun 23, 2007 SAW Highgate, VT
July 14, 2007 SAW Highgate, VT
August 18, 2007 SAW Highgate, VT
September 29, 2007 SAW Highgate, VT
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