Yvonne Lewis
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I am employed as a Roman Catholic Chaplain at HM Prison Everthorpe in Yorkshire, England.  I studied for my degree in Physical Geography BSc at Hull University and also studied English language history with the Open University.  I have worked in a variety of capacities and in a selection of European countries.  I am a Minister of the Word, a Minister of the Eucharist and on the Parish Council. 
Hull University
Open University
I enjoy socialising, learning new things, learning languages, about history, culture and science.  I read fiction, theological books, the Bible and books on a variety of other topics.  I listen to a wide variety of music and I play the harp. 

I have not had a lot of opportunity to travel but hope to do more in future.  I prefer to learn some of the language before I travel and understand a bit about the history and culture of that country.  I have learnt a few languages in the past: Spanish, German, Latin, Czech, Polish, Russian, Korean and Arabic.  Unfortunately, I forget it as soon as I stop using it!!!
I am blessed to have been born into a loving family and blessed for having such a wonderful variety of friends.  Many thanks to my family and friends.