These are all basically autographs and things I've got from members of the US Women's National Soccer Team and even a couple International stars.  I've got the autographs through the mail, in person, and by my friends hooking me up.  I hope you enjoy seeing my collection.  * If you put the cursor on top of each picture you should see a caption explaining the details of the autograph.
UPDATED October 12, 2001
added: Boston Breakers autographed poster
added: Carolina Courage & CRays Autographed Program
Soccer Stars

Michelle Akers
Brandi Chastain
Aleisha Cramer
Kristin DePlatchett
Tracy Ducar
Lorrie Fair
Joy Fawcett
Danielle Fotopoulos
Julie Foudy
Michelle French
Wendy Gebauer
Mia Hamm
Kristine Lilly
Shannon MacMillan
Tiffeny Milbrett
Siri Mullinix
Carla Overbeck
Cindy Parlow
Christie Pearce
Tiffany Roberts
Laurie Schwoy
Kate Sobrero
Tisha Venturini
Saskia Webber
Sara Whalen
Soccer Stars

Kristin Aarones
Charmaine Hooper
Ulrika Karlsson
WUSA Teams
Bay Area Cyberrays
Boston Breakers
Carolina Courage
You can write to the US National Team players at:
(player's name)
c/o US Soccer
1801 S. Prairie Ave
Chicago, Il 60616