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During the Change Initiative, between Convention 2000 and Convention 2001, we chaired the task force, Staff and Volunteer Development in the YWCA. It was abundantly clear to us that YWCA leaders were looking for samples, ideas, guidelines for the multitude of tasks facing us daily. From our research with associations of all sizes, all across the country, we found many similar requests: staff job descriptions, committee job descriptions, personnel policies, and planning resources. We put a call (really an e-mail) out to YWCAs asking for copies of their "Best Practices," and we heard from large, small and medium sized associations, and from several retired YWCA professionals. The information that was generously sent to us from all over the country was then scanned into the computer, organized, and then put up onto this webpage by Mary and Linda Huang.

What we are attempting to do is give you samples of "what works" in a variety of settings. In many cases, there are several samples. Please take a look and print out and use whatever you want! We intend for this to be a living, changing, flexible website, so please e-mail us your ideas, additions and changes. (to sbettinelli@ywca-berkeley.org)

This is for you - the staff and volunteer leaders of Today's YWCA!

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All forms, guidelines, sample policies and procedures are presented as examples and should never be used as the basis for legally sound documents. The information presented is a compilation of resources primarily from other YWCAs. It can be selectively used and adapted with the advice of your YWCA's attorney to ensure that the policy or document meet federal, state and local requirements and the unique needs of your YWCA.

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