My Toys

These are wooden building blocks from my childhood days:

These bottle cap liners used to be found under soft drink bottle caps. Bottles have since been replaced by aluminium cans.
4 Feb 1977:
25 Aug 1975:
27 Oct 1975:
6 Oct 1975:
26 Apr 1976:
5 Aug 1975:
15 Aug 1976:
10 Aug 1977:

These are videos (also available on YouTube) of my children playing with the "Big Loader" & "Plarail Toy Trains" (Download "FLV Player" if necessary):

I made my own versions of some popular board games (Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, Othello):

I played these board games when I was young:

These are my chess sets:

These are my puzzles (Net Block, Chinese Puzzle Rings, Rubik, T Puzzle):

I made these Soma Cubes and Pentominoes:

These are other purchased toys (Lincoln Logs, Polydron, McDonald's Happy Birthday Train, Looney Tunes):

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