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*I have Anime episodes/movies of many different Anime*

Update 5/31/02-----School is going to be over soon and I will renew my site more often. Sorrie to all my fanfic writers. I haven't been posting, but don't worry by the start of the summer I will be renewing my work. Currently I'm working on a new layout for this site. The FTP Server is DOWN. Too many people hammered in and it crashed and won't start up again.

Update 4/30/02-----I've just opened a RPG Center. Go to CIRCLE OF LOVE RPG CENTER . There are plenty of characters to be had. So have fun and enjoy. Direct Downloading is still not up. Please be paitent.

Update 4/5/02-----I've some bad news. None of my direct downloads are going to work because Angelfire is no longer gonna let me use their account as a means of downloading. Until I get an account elsewhere Direct Downloads will have to be closed.

Update 8/26/01-----I've been busy lately, you know for school and stuff, so I haven't been able to update this site. The fanfiction won't be updated this week. Direct Download will be updated. Streamload will be updated. Thanx to everyone who sent me feedback. Luv Yas. {^_^} Bai bai.

Update 8/6/01-----Yay Fanfics for Sailor Moon are finally up. Please continue sending me the fics. Thank you all.

Update 8/2/01-----It's time for school again! Yay (not)....Let's, see hmm...I got Ranama 1-3 for direct download. For streamload I have new ones. Vote for me peoples and fanfiction will be up by Sunday. Keep sending the fanfics. Please talk in my forum if you are waiting for a download. Remember you can share your movie files with others in the forum. Also remember to sign my guestbook. Bookmark me!! Byze {^_^}

Update 7/27/01----Fanfiction for Sailor Moon will be up next Sunday...Sorrie for the delay. I didn't have the time this week to upload all the stories and chapters. I had to transfer all the text into text files, so it's going to take another week. Please give me a few more weeks to put up the rest of the direct downloads. I have to find somewhere that has room. Thanx for your patience.

Update 7/24/01----Thank You to Everyone who sent me fanfiction I will have them up shortly. Most of you sent by e-mail so I'll have to take it out of e-mail and upload it to my site so it might take a week or so to have them all up. Keep sending me fanfiction...Thanx. I still can't find any place to put up my direct downloads. If you have an idea please e-mail me.

Update 7/22/01----Fanfiction Needed I'm trying to build up my fanfiction library now. Don't worry I'll still have Direct Download and Episodes up.Just Please send me some fanfiction I have such a beautiful empty forum...sigh..would it be too much trouble to have someone write something in it besides me. OMG Summer Vacation is almost over....crying...I'll have to go to school again. Life's not fair...brb... I have nothing new on my site today sorrie peoples, but i'll add more links soon.{^_^}

Update 7/21/01----I have a new Forum. It's much nicer then the one I had b4.Please post comments and questions there. You can share anime and ftp files there also. So while you wait for something to download go there to post a message.I now have Kodomo and FY for direct download. To get to Direct Downloads go to Episodes and there is a link there to direct Downloads. FY is really fast to download. Kodomo is kinda slow. Please tell me if any of them are not working. And please Continue voting for me on the topsites to your left. It's important to keep this site with visitors. My topsite will be up shortly after I make a banner for it. And Thank You for all the contributions.

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