Learn how a process of community development using cassava as a starting point mobilized thousands of women and led to the formation of 2 womens associations and a credit union
Women were Mobilized for Action
Cassava Is the Root author Rodah Namwalizi Lester is an African woman, mother, sister, daughter, farmer, worker, cooperator and activist. She was born in Zambia and has lived in Tanzania, Mozambique and Canada.

Rodah believes that all African women need to express themselves – they know what is important for Africa – they know things that men don’t even understand. They need to be given, or take control of a platform to speak on their own. Other people have to stop speaking on behalf of African women and if necessary translators and scribes should capture their true voices.

Cassava is the Root describes development work with Mozambican communities from 1989 up to 2001. The events take place in 3 areas and 3 distinct moments in history: the peri urban areas of Nampula during the last days of the civil war between Renamo and Frelimo, from 1989 to 1992; the remote lakeshore community of Lago in Niassa Province in the immediate years following the peace agreement that ended the war, from 1993 to 1997 and the rural communities of central Inhambane Province following the major floods of 2000 that caused widespread death and suffering throughout central Mozambique.

Rodah gives a detailed appreciation of the specific issues affecting the women in these areas and provides insight into the factors influencing ther lives. She also demonstrates that these rural women can solve their own problems given the right tools and support.

Central to the community development work is a focus on the human development of women. The body of work recognizes that development requires a holistic approach that must be focused on the needs and aspirations of people. The work consistently strived for results that addressed; well being, skill, affection, respect, rectitude, power, enlightenment & wealth.

The book concludes with tested recipes featuring cassava and traditional African products that are suitable for anyone from rural Africa to elite kitchens all over the world. Enjoy your read and the inspiring meals.
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