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07/02/06  |  I'M BACK

Well I haven't been doing this website for a while so I thought I would come back and edit it. I've currently been using the new and improved Live Spaces service and it's pretty good, only except you cannot edit your own theme, but o well it's got great integrated with MSN and the upcoming release of Windows Live.

So... you may be wondering, what's going to happen to this site? Well, I may coming back here and update it every few weeks if I feel like it :P.

Have fun and enjoy the 2006 school year :-)

05/01/06  |  WINDOWS VISTA

Microsoft's upcoming operating system release, Windows VistaAs expected, Microsoft has locked in on all the features of Windows Vista, and they have finally set up their final promotional website on their next operating system, Windows Vista. Am I looking forward to this release? Of course I am because it looks like there's heaps of new stuff, and because of it's graphics, which seriously are quite advanced.
For more information about Vista's features in detail, go to www.microsoft.com/windowsvista.


Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox is the second most used web browser in the world. Just a few hours ago, Mozilla Corporation has just released the new version of their open source web browser. Download it now and also, check out their new website!

Mozilla Corporation Homepage
Get Firefox 1.5!

22/11/05  |  XBOX 360 IN STORES NOW!

XBOX 360The wait is over and the XBOX 360 has been released in North America and Canada. However, here in New Zealand, we still have to wait until March the 2nd till it gets to stores.

Check out the XBOX 360 website.


Looks like the brand new released Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is really good. It’s basically your home entertainment system which you can plug into your TV (hopefully a widescreen LCD). The only problem with my PC is that the processor idles at 50-60c depending on room temperature, to be honest, this is ridiculous and it’s about time I went down to  the computer shop and got a few fans.

Because the price of this is so bloody good - just NZ$25 more than a Windows XP Home Edition OEM license WITH remote (yes remote included, how amazing), this is definitely worth it!

Parts I somehow kind of not get is how you play DVDs. I hate the stupid DVD regions thing on computers and I'm geting pissed off because I can only change the setting 2 more times :( before I need to download some DVD region free software and void the DVD writer's warranty.

Anyways, I probably won't be getting it since I'll probably get Windows Vista on the next PC I get - and that's gonna be awesome!

21/10/05  |  OPENOFFICE.ORG 2.0

OpenOffice.org celebrates version 2.0The next major release of OpenOffice.org has today been released. This is the free, open source office suite mainly run by Sun Microsystems and partly Google who want to beat Microsoft's Office suite. In my opinion, Microsoft's Office is better and way easier to use than OpenOffice.org and many more people have it installed on their computers and it will be hard for the whole world to switch to something new such as OpenOffice.org even though it has a similar user interface. Go to the website...


Following Opera's move last week, it turns out that Opera may have the idea of competing with the second most used browser - Mozilla Firefox. You may think that Opera is going to go into debt but they have got deals with search engines that they will pay Opera for using the search from within their browser. This looks like the minority browsers may take even more out of Microsoft's Internet Explorer's market share.

23/09/05  |  WINMX CLOSES DOWN

The popular peer-to-peer file sharing network WinMXWinMX website has been removed suggesting that this service has been targeted by the legal pressure of RIAA to close down. A while ago, the RIAA sent letters to several P2P File Sharing companies (namely LimeWireBitTorrent and a few others) suggesting they should stop their service from been used for 'copyright infringement' purposes. This follows the Grokster and the current case on Kazaa. Kazaa has decided to re-introduce their program so it will filter out 'high quality music' and offer low quality samples before you can purchase high quality music off people.