One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it,
you have no certainty until you try

General Information

I completed my Ph.D from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institite of Technology Bombay, India, in the month of August 2006. I also got my degree in the 44th IIT Bombay Convocation. My supervision was taken care by Prof. G. Sivakumar, Dr. K. Ramasubramanian and Prof. Amitabha Gupta.

My research is concerned with the the role of causality in the belief revision process.We give emphasis on semantic features such as Structure, Intervention, causal properties and Causal mechanism in the ordering of belief beliefs. In order to achieve this we extend the work of AGM (Alschourron, Gardenfors and Makinson) by replacing the standard entrenchment ordering with a new entrenchment ordering called causal entrenchment ordering(CEE), which is constrained by causal relevance. Causal relevance is understood in terms of the semantic features mentioned above. We divide the core and pheriphery of beliefs based on presence and lack of these semantic features.The main result of the thesis is that causality not only generates effective ordering of beliefs but also preserves the conditional beliefs in the revision of knowledge base by conditional beliefs.

In February 2006 I moved to IIM Bangalore and since then I am working as a Research Associate with Prof. S. Krishna in the area of Globally Distributed Work(GDW). Work includes developing appropriate game theoretic strategies to understand the behaviour of firm and client in various situations pertaining to the successful negotiation of IT outsourcing contracts.

My current research interests include, Logic of belief change, Causal Reasoning, Philosophy of Science, Game theory and challenges and issues concerning Globally Distributed Work (GDW).

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