Here is a link to my current car
Hello and welcome to my homepage.  This will showcase my 94 Cavalier Z24 and other cool stuff.  The Cavalier Z24 is an underrated and underappreciated little car that despite its humble roots, is a capable handler and quick accelerator.  Mine has a torquey 3.1 V6 that has buckets of low end power. It's stock except for a custom dual flowmaster system.  I hope to eventually make the car a weekend car with a completely rebuilt engine with all go-fast high durability parts.  The target hp range is 210 without forced induction, if I choose the Mclaren Turbo, I hope to get 250 hp with similar componentry.  Thanks for visiting!

Future Mods:
-Custom Intake
-Compucam Camshaft
-Hypertech Chip
-GM Performance Crankshaft
-Mantapart Pistons
-Mantapart Connecting Rods
-Mantapart Valves and Springs
-GM Performance Pushrods
-Mantapart Performance Brakes
-Mantapart Suspension
-Custom Paint Job
Total: ~$8000 +labor
Projected HP~200-210

***If anybody has any tips for what I'm doing, e-mail me!
This isn't my car, but it is a similar model.
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I belong to this club, its a great place to talk to other people who own 3.1 V6 cars! Stop by!