This page is dedicated to my two third generation Camaros and other third generation f-body (Camaro and Firebird) cars.
The first of the 3rd gen Camaros that I currently own is a 1985 Z28. It has a 305 Tuned Port Injected motor (engine code LB9), Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4 tranmission, and 3.23 rear end gears.  It has T-tops and all power options available in '85 except power mirrors and seats.  I have done a few modifications to the car over the past few years.  This car is very fast for a LB9 powered Camaro!  The '85 models do have the advantage of a better cam than later LB9s that delivered 215hp from the factory!
Here is a list of current modifications:

MSD-6A ignition box
Accel Super Coil
Accel 8.8mm wires
Dynacraft trans cooler
K&N filters
Random Technologies high flow cat
Flowmaster cat-back
Flowmaster muffler
smog delete
gutted airbox
My other 3rd gen Camaro is a 1991 RS.  It has a 305 Throttle Body Injected 305 (engine code LO3), Turbo Hydramatic 700R4 transmission, and 2.73 rear end gears.  This car also has all power options available in '91 except power seats.  It has grey leather interior and is painted a gorgeous burgundy color.  The original owner also opted for the 16" Z28 wheels.  This car has been emaculatly taken care of and is in excellent condition.  The RS is seriously lacking in the performance department, but its a real head-turner!
I havent owned this car long enough to do many modifications yet.  So far it is bone-stock with the exception of a chrome Edelbrock open element air cleaner that I got last week.  More mods will follow...
(more and better pictures when I get a REAL digital camera)
Proud member of the Cascade Crew, Northwest F-body owners of and
Misc. images...
'98 Vortec 350 in my '68 Camaro
Me last year.
Ricer sticker
Pacific Northwest Camaro Club show 2000