Schwinn 354 Road Bicycle

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Good intermediate road race bike.

I am selling this bike because it is too big for me. I am 5’11”, and I do not recommend it
for anyone less than 6’ tall. As you can tell from the pictures, the seatpost is all the way
down. If it fit me better, I honestly would not sell it. Although it is a few years old, it is in great
condition. It rides great and shifts flawlessly. I do really well on this bike on climbs and sprints.


The frame measures 62cm to the center of the top tube.

$350 OBO plus shipping.

If you have any questions:

Phone: 806-797-2599


I bought the bike used at a pawn shop, so I stopped by the local Trek dealer and
asked him some questions. He used to sell Schwinns until 1992, and he determined
that the bike was made in March of 1990. The model is a 354 as marked on the seat tube.

The frame is made of 5000 series butted Aluminum.
According to stickers on the frame, it was designed
by the Schwinn Paramount Design Group in Chicago. The bike
shop owner tells me it was manufactured in Mississippi.





Component Spec:

Frame:         Schwinn 5000 Aluminum

Fork:            steel
Crankset:     Shimano Exage300EX biopace double
Rear Derailleur:      Shimano Exage 300EX 7-speed
Front Derailleur: Shimano Exage 400EX
Shifters:       Shimano indexed downtube
Brakes:         Shimano Exage with Exage levers
Wheels:        Sun Mistral rims with Exage hubs
Tires: Michelin Axial Super Comp

                                                  Saddle:         SDG Comp
                                                  Handlebar:   SAKAE Custom Anatomic with
*NEW* Profile cork tape
                                                  Pedals:         Nashbar SPD clipless
                                                  Please note that I am NOT selling the Cat Eye computer with the bike.


As noted above, the handlebar wrap and Michelin tires are new. I noticed an actual
increase in my performance with these tires. They roll fast, and they corner extremely
well. I almost decided to keep them. I bought the tires at the beginning of June,
and I had the bars wrapped in early July. I also got a complete tune-up in July
including shifter and brake adjustment and trueing.

As you can see in the pictures, the frame has a few nicks and scratches. For the most part
these are minor. There is one large scratch underneath the downtube from using
bike racks. However, this one is unnoticeable except when the bike is upside-down.
You can vaguely see it on the fourth picture down on the left.