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By now you have probably realized that I am what soccer moms call "biker scum" and if you are looking for a role model, I ain't it! Except if your idea of PERFECTION looks like the above plus tats and missing teeth, not to mention a short fuse and minimum amount of brain cells required for maintaining life. LMAO!
If you read or see anything that offends you, blame it on Canada. Why Canada? I have no idea, but it will take the heat off of me.

A few things about myself: Birthed way back by mom, grew up in a great family, was allowed to develop quite independently (here are the results). Went to school, learned stuff, went to war, killed a few, got shot, ended up here. Tried to make it as a "citizen", made some bucks, got tired of the corporate rats, went crazy one day, still under observation. Considered at first to be a high class a**hole by some; loved by all after getting to know me. Will say what I think, will offend some, no harm intended.

These days I ride 2000 Fat Boy stock. Just minor mods, more to come (must juice this puppy up a little). I have no back rest, no windshield, no wind deflectors, no electric jacket, etc.. Sometimes I don't even have pants! Get the idea?

My tools, my home, and the shirt on my back is yours for the taking if you are in need, and all I ask in return is for you to do the same for others.
You are here probably because you heard of my plan to go visit this great country of ours again. This time it will be just me and my OL (Mysti), and we are looking for some assistance. We're looking for people to meet and places to see. Click on the Bad Ass Trip link and take a look at our plans, and let us know what you think. Thanks to all of you that have responded already, and thank you in advance to all that will contribute in making this a memorable experience. You can contact me at