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welcome to you in our health education site

Health education is one of topic most needed in this days because of the diseases that had been spreaded in this days. so being of health education protect you from such diseases. In our site we consider some of the diseases and the best ways of prevention of it.

We show the importance of infection control methods and the best ways of it. we show also the recently used personal protective equipment(PPE).

Nutrition is our key to healthy person and good tickle,so you find nutrition programs for mal and undernutrient person.

In the other hand obesity also is the major cause for alot of our recent disease begin from bone fracture passing with hepertension,ischemic heart diseases and end with cancer(cancer ovary-cancer uterus-cancer prostate- an cancer cervix).

Enjoy your trip in our site.




Avian influenza

Strains of avian influenzavirus may infect various type of animals, including birds, pigs, horses, seals, whales and humans. However, wild fowl act as natural asymptomatic carriers, spreading it to more susceptible domestic stocks. Avian influenzavirus spreads in the air and in manure.(more)

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) often causes liver inflammation. In up to 80% of people initially infected with HCV, the disease becomes chronic, potentially leading to long-term liver damage. A small percentage (about 20%) of those who are HCV positive will progress to liver cirrhosis, and approximately 3-5% of those with chronic HCV infection will develop liver cancer. Experts estimate that at least four million Americans are currently chronically infected with HCV(more)

Diabetes and heart disease are, unfortunately, intimately linked. Most diabetics have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, two of the main risk factors for heart disease. According to the statistics, 65 percent of people with diabetes die from heart attack. But this is far from a foregone conclusion(more)