What's up family?  I'm glad you decided to come to my site.  My site contains all the basics of an ordinary Christmas list, with a few extra things. . If you're wondering why I don't have The Grinch (VHS) on here, it's because I'm going to buy it myself.  I'll update later. Thanks for coming. Please sign my guestbook. :)
My Wish List

1. Disney's Princes Collection Cd Vol. 1

2. AG Minis Loft Apartment

3. Any of the other AG minis rooms or accesories

4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas Movie Soundtrack (2000)

5. Playstation Games (Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation,  Sabrina The Teenage Witch: A Twitch In Time, 007: The World Is Not Enough, ect.)

6. Paint Shop Pro 7.0

7. Britney Spears CD  "Britney"

8. Limited Too Clothes or gift certificates

9. The Princess Diaries (VHS)

10. Eden's Crush Cd "Popstars"

11. Mandy Moore Cd "Mandy Moore"

12. Darrin's Dance Grooves (VHS)

13. PS One  Memory Card

14. 1st Thousand Words Japanese (Book)

15. Let's Learn Japanese Picture Dictionary (if you buy with 1st  Thousand Words Japanese, above, only $19.92 at Amazon.)

16. Mary-Kate and Ashley Holiday In The Sun (VHS)

These are some places where you can get the stuff on my list.

http:// www.americangirlstore.com







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