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Yeah yeah, we know...there hasnt been a decent update in 3 weeks. School sucks so expect an update within a few weeks.   -Z&P
New Section!!! YEAH!!!
Mcdonalds(Sometime in summer 04')
Xbox Live Ownage(01-22-05)
Buffalo Wild Wings(01-25-05)
How to wash your hands(01-25-05)
Demonstrated By Spenser
Halo party@Clays(03-25-05)
Buddy Icons
Newest Icon added: (04-07-05)
How to wiz(04-10-05)
Demonstrated by Spenser
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Spensers awesome shirt...
Big mac-4.99...Med. Fries...99c...Watching Spenser get busted for crossing the highway on his bike to get some food...Priceless~
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