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Well, the other website project fell through. I don't really know why, but I clicked to update one day, and the site just... wasn't there or something. So I'll be reworking the episode synopsis on this site, however, there are so many episodes, that I'll just be doing season synopsises...(sp?) complete with screen caps. It'll work okay I think, and it'll leave me time to work on other projects. My good pal TMNTpizzapowers encouraged me to update more often, which I agreed with. I was thinking that I had my site about where I wanted it, and updates didn't really need to happen, but I would like to continue working on the site, so I'll be updating when significant turtly things happen to me. I would just post random news, but you can read that on the official site or on the technodrome, so I'll be updating when I encounter something cool, like finding a new figure, getting the latest dvd, winning the art contest on the official site, which actually happend this week. Stuff like that. So that's what I'll be putting into the works in the next couple of weeks. Glad you guys are enjoying the site, and like tmntpizzapowers did, feel free to email me with suggestions. Cheers!

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