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Oll right mates, a new semester a new Catchy Title update. I know everyone was waiting eagerly by their browsers pounding F5 for the new updates, so I hope I do not disappoint. OR you could email me!


11/21/04: so here we have the first column ever. Feedback is encouraged, as are ideas for more columns. have either? then email me.

11/28/04: well, my column output was 200% greater than last week.  the quality, however, was less than 67%.  One is about Thanksgiving. bet you cant guess which.

12/5/04: please pardon the somber mood of this one, Christmas trees make me all sad inside.  suggestions on topics? feedback? email me!

12/12/04:  this one is way too long. in fact, its literally three times longer than all the other ones.  sorryi hope, at least, it turns out interesting.  I even have pics!

1/4/05: This here is a holiday story for all ages, except terrorists.  suggestions on topics? feedback? email me!

1/9/05: I don't mean any disrespect to the dental hygienist profession, but i mean a lot of disrespect to this onesuggestions on topics? feedback? email me!

1/18/05: Bout making bracelets. Madd props to the Sean Twigg and a shout-out to all those who helped. Word. Wish to buy one? Wish to suggest? Wish to comment? email me!

1/27/05:sorry for the delay, people.It took awhile to digest this so I could spit it out in column form.As long as I get into car capers, there will always be something to write about.However, since I donít have a car now, why donít you email me some ideas?

2/12/05: yeah, I havenít been updating very much. Sunday, my normal day of updation, is pretty busy nowadays. Well, hereís my Thursday night, for all those interested.

2/28/05: youíd think after a five day weekend, Iíd have something interesting to write. But, no. all I have is this.
2/28/05 again!: hereís a little piece I did
about knife-o-coptors.For the official knife-o-coptor website, click here. To give me a real topic, you should email me.

3/13/05: SATs and SOLs have me writing pseudo-intelligent essays that make me sound important.Sorry.But, I did write a paper for chemistry with the prompt: ďWrite about how it would have felt to be in Harrisburg at the time of the Three Mile Island Meltdown.Ē That is what she got.

3/17/05: I ate some fast food the other night.I was going to wait til Sunday, but I figured Iíd been lazy enough in my Catchy Title-ing.

4/4/05: Wow, itís been quite awhile. I ran out of things to write about. Until now. email me with subjects!

5/8/05: sorry if this website is weird, I think I accidently haxxored it.anyway, here is an essay about me being sick! EnjoyÖI guess.

8/4/05: Woah, Iíve been in spain and have fun stories to tell, but not the energy to write them down. Heres a story about stealing a book. Remember to steal this email.

10/10/05: Finally, the famous Vaquilla Story.Iím using it as my college essay to William and Mary. Haha, weíll see how that goes. Like emailing? Then email me.

10/21/05: I took a Catchy Title (number twelve, for those keeping score at home), and edited to 500 words and added a moral for my other college essay. Here it is, with a moral. Call it Column12Redux. Might as well email me.

1/5/06: First Catchy Title of the year equals made last year about watchiní me some Rent. Also an essays I wrote to get me a scholarship. Oh, and would you be interested in a short story I wrote? Iím not sure how I feel about it. Maybe itís good, maybe itís bad. Meh. Opinions? Then email me!

2/18/06: So, mark this: I wrote a story about unicorns. Iím not sure why, but...halfway through I got in a bad mood and well...hilarity ensues!! Por ti lucharť! email me!

7/19/06: Wow, I forgot I even had a Catchy Title. So Iíve been writing for the newspaper. I wrote this op-ed. And I submitted this, but there is no ďEmotional RantsĒ section of the paper, so naturally it didnít get in. Also, I just dug through my document folder, and found this random thing I wrote. Enjoy that, for what itís worth.

8/3/06: Oh shit, college is coming! Good thing I have my good buddy Bob Dylan by my side. If anyone out there is into grading things, I believe I deserve extra credit for use of the word ďFishmongerĒ. Amen, brutha. Also this is Column number twenty! Yay!

8/10/06: So, I decided that I wanna post a post-apocalyptic comedy up here. But hereís the catch: you need to give me ideas of what to do with it!! thatís right! You can shape the story! Huzzah! So, here it is: The Windows Shook (working title...have a better one? Email me!)

10/22/06: So, here I am at college. Yup. Good thing Iím in intro to creative writing or else Iíd never update the catchy title. Anyway, hereís a story about Bernard the Dinosaur. Hereís something completely different.

1/21/07: first Catchy Title of the new millennium! Or...something like that. This is an article that I submitted to the Leesburg Today. I will put both versions up so that you can see what a stellar-ass writer I be. Version une (first person) version duex (third person). K bye!

11/2/07: Wow, can you believe itís been almost a year since Iíve updated the Catchy Title? Youíd think that all that time would yield a plethora of amazing writing. Well, I have this poem, this poem, and this poem, a short story I wrote over the summer and a letter to the editor I wrote in favor of No-Shave November. Not exactly the quality of my previous output, but itíll do for now. Thanks for still knowing that the Catchy Title exists. And feel free to email me!

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