Split Shorts

By Zach M., September 2007

For some reason, I've always been too shy to wear full split shorts in public, even though I have no problem wearing daringly short running shorts. Still, any observer who sees the kind of shorts I wear must secretly think that I chose them because I have some kind of fetish for shiny nylon shorts. The word fetish may be too strong in my case, but nobody would be wrong in assuming that the bulge in the front of my shorts is a direct result of the shorts I wear, and the naughty way I wear them.

Yet, I have rarely gone out in public wearing full split shorts. I don't seem to enjoy showing my hips or the entirely of my butt cheeks. I do like to let the bottom part show however, and that is why I like v-notch shorts, as long as they are as short as possible. With a v-notch, I can pull the shorts very high and they still look relatively decent since they still hide my butt, except if you look up from the ground...

Lately however, I've been enjoying a new pair of shorts that are fully split up the sides, with an overlap. What makes these particular split shorts work for me is their cut: the leg openings are very wide and floating, while the extremely short one inch inseam still makes those shorts very arousing. This makes these shorty shorts look "bigger" than the tighter kind of split shorts. They flutter in the wind when I run, so from a distance the side exposure is not that obvious.

I may end up trying more split shorts in the future. Hopefully, I'll have interesting experiences to describe here about that. Readers are welcome to write to me about their preference for split or v-notch running shorts...