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Here are the buildings of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.
1.Park Entrance: cost $5,000
2.Ranger Station: cost $10,000
3.Fence: cost $100 for low fence, $250 for medium fence, and $500 for high fence
4.Hatchery: cost $6,000
5.Feeder: cost $1,500
6.Kiosk: cost $2,000
7.Restroom: cost $1,500
8.Viewing Platform: cost $3,000
9.Viewing Vent: cost $1,500
10.Cash Machine: cost $600 [one time]
11.Cleaner Station: cost $3,000
12.Balloon Tour: cost $4,000
13.Trash Can: cost $100
14.Bench: cost $150
15.Fountain: cost $400
16.Viewing Dome: cost $5,000
17.Safari Adventure: cost $4,000
18.Souvenir Stand: cost $2,000
19.Visitor Shelter: cost $2,000
20.Rest Area: cost $1,500
21.Auto Lure: cost $2,000
22.Avoidance Beacon: cost $2,000
23.Security Camera: cost $600
24.Sentry Turrent: cost $10,000
Dinos in Trespasser
1.Stegosaurus: Type= Herbivore
                         Height= 2.75 meters
                         Length= 8-9meters
                         Weight= 3 tons
2.Parasaurolophus: Type= Herbivore
                                Height= 2.8 meters
                                Length= 12 meters
                                Weight= under 2 tons
3.Brachiosaurus: Type= Herbivore
                            Height= 12.5 meters
                             Length= 23 meters
                             Weight= under 80 tons
4.Tricerotops: Type= Herbivore
                        Height= 3 meters
                        Length= 9 meters
                        Weight= 9-12 tons
5.Tyrannosaurus: Type= Carnivore
                             Height= 4-6 meters
                             Length= 12 meters
                             Weight= 5-7 tons
6.Albertosaurus: Type= Carnivore
                            Height= 2.3 meters
                            Length= 9 meters
                            Weight= 2.5 tons
7.Velociraptor Tribe A, B, and C:
                             Type= Carnivore
                             Height= 1.7 meters
                             Length= 5-7 meters
                             Weight= under 1 ton
Here are the digsites in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and the Dinosaurs found in them.
1.Judith River Group[site A]
2.Judith River Group[site B]
3.Morrison Formation[site A]
4.Morrison Formation[site B]
5.Hell Creek Formation[site A]
6.Hell Creek Formation[site B]
7.Chenini Formation
8.The Flaming Cliffs
9.Tendaguru Formation

Missions In Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
1.A picture is worth 100 points.
         What you do:You have 10 photos, take 10 pictures to equal 100 points or more.
2.When Carnivores Attack.
        What you do:Shoot all carnivores in 3 minutes, 30 seconds. There are 13 Carnivores, and 30 bullets, but the velociraptors are fast and you might miss them a couple of times.
3.Time to get Moving.
          What you do:Move at least
5 Edmontosaurus, and 5 Parasaurolophus back to their holding pen.
4.Dinosaurs and Weather
          What you do:Take pictures of dinosaurs in unusual weather conditions.
5.Rescue the President.
            What you do:Shoot all 18 carnivores with 30 bullets and rescue the president in 4 minutes 30 seconds.
6.Danger Club Photo Safari.
           What you do:Get 200 points in photos. You have 5 lives. Your points don't count unless the carnivore is active.
7.Rescue Hammond.
           What you do:Go to the ranger station and pick up the rifle in back.Then go to the visitor shelterand pick up hammond. Once you have hammond go to the main entrance.
8.Cleanup Operation.
          What you do:Shoot the Hatchery boxes then the dinos with 30 bullets and you have 4 minutes.
9.The Amazing Maze.
         What you do:guide 4 edmontosaurus, and 4 ouranosaurusthrew a maze to saftey.
10.Jurassic Park Calender.
        What you do:You have 3 lives, 16 photos, and must make 350 points for the Jurassic Park Calendar.
Tools for Dino Crisis 2.
1.Eps Silver Card            For:Both      Cost:$20,000
2.EPS Gold Card            For:Both      Cost:$40,000
3.EPS Platinum Card     For:Both       Cost:Find all 11 Dino Files
4.Inner Suit                    For:Both       Cost:$20,000
5.Light Weight Armor    For:Both       Cost:$35,000
6.Heavy Blade               For:Dylan      Cost:$15,000
7.Power Battery              For:Regina    Cost:$15,000
Medical items for Dino Crisis 2.
1.Hemostat:   Cost:$100   Purpose:stops bleeding
2.Medical Pack Small:   Cost:$300   Purpose: recovers health a little
3.Medical Pack Medium:   Cost:$800   Purpose: recovers health fully
4.Medical Pack Large:   Cost:$1,000   Purpose: recovers health fully, and stops bleeding.
5.Rescue Pack:   Cost:$3,000   Purpose: recovers health fully, stops bleeding, and if you get killed you can use this when the game over sign comes up.
       Dino Crisis 2
Game Information
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Dino Crisis 3 preview.
The game starts with a short introduction movie  patric, and his crew. They are space craft salvagers. They find Ozmandius that has been drifting in space for 300 years. Ozmandius's security system shoots the salvage space ship, and scout space ship. Both space ships get destroyed, but patric makes his way inside Ozmandius. He finds two other survivores. A drop of saliva falls on one of the survivores who is complaining about the situation they are in.. He gets eaten by a t-rex, when the t-rex turns to the other two survivores som snake/dinosaur creature eats the t-rex. They turn to you and about attack but the movie ends. The game starts.
     Jurassic Park: Survivor might not be canceled according to
Gamerz Monthly. Jurassic Park: Survivor was suposed to be released in 2001 along with JP3 but was canceled. It is rumered to be released in 2005 along with JP4. Its going to be reworked and be bettter than before.
      A new game called
Dinosaur Hunting will be released in February 2004, by a company named Metro3D. You must capture and move the dionosaurs to a new location, before they all die. Mix your own formulas to make the tranquilizers stronger and more effective. Hunt  a variety of dinos in a lot of different environments. Your weapons are a handgun, shotgun, and a sniper rifle. for Screenshots visit
Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.
Herbivores                    Carnivores
Brachiosaurus               Spinosaurus
Anklyosaurus               Velociraptor
Stegosaurus                  Acrocanthosaurus
Camarasaurus              Carchdontosaurus
Corythosaurus             Allosaurus
Edmontosaurus            Albertosaurus
Homalocephale            Ceratosaurus
Parasaurolophus          Dilophosaurus
Kentrosaurus                Tyrannosaurus Rex
There might be a expansion pack for one of the best games, Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis. I emailed Mike Bowman at VU Games asking if they were going to make an expansion pack for Operation Genesis, he didn't say yes, but he said he would pass the list of things that I thoght should be put in a expansion pack to the development team. His email is 
If a lot of people email him about an Operation Genesis expansion pack, they might decide to make one. Here's my list, if you email him you can add to it.
1.Research Lab
2.Option to buy an extra island or even an island chain.
3.For male and female dinosaurs
4.For Dinosaurs to breed
5.Option to pick where on earth you want it
7.Ability to make Diagonal Fence
8.Visitor Center
10.All Dinosaurs from the three movies, and two books that were left out
12.Helocopter Ride
13.Ability to make the river ride
15.More buildings
16.Medical helicopter
Check out the Game Info Section At Bottom of Page.
Operation Genesis hacking information
This is a guide on how to get into Operation Genesis files and get rid of the limits on things. First you find Operation Genesis's folder on your C drive.

1. This is how to get rid of the dinosaur limits.
You go into the Data file, then you go into the Constant.ini file. You find where it says:
MaxDinoPopulation = 60;     and you replace it with     MaxDinoPopulation = 6000;

2. This is how to get rid of Visitor Limits.
You go into the Data file, then you go into the Consant.ini file. You find where it says:
ParkMaxPopulationCap = 100;     and repalce it with     ParkMaxPopulationCap = 1000;

3. This is how to get all of the dig sites.
You go into the Data file, hen you go into the fslhunt.ini file. You scroll to the bottom of the page until you see this:
#else  // Windows and XBox builds
maxchosen = 5;
starrating[0] = 0;
starrating[1] = 1;
starrating[2] = 2;
starrating[3] = 3;
starrating[4] = 4;

and replace it with this

#else // Windows and XBox builds
maxchosen = 9;
starrating[0] = 0;
starrating[1] = 0:
starrating[2] = 0;
starrating[3] = 1;
starrating[4] = 1;
starrating[5] = 2;
starrating[6] = 2;
starrating[7] = 3;
starrating[8] = 3;
starrating[9] = 4:

4. This is how to get rid of the limits on how much buildings you can build.
Go into the Data file, then you go into the Unit.ini file. You find all of these files:
Abeacbld.ini,  bench.ini,  bin.ini,  bllnride.ini,  carnfdsp.ini,  hatchery.ini,  herbfdsp.ini,  hvdome.ini,  kiosk.ini,  lurebld.ini,  maintdep.ini,  picnic.ini,  rangerdp.ini,  safari.ini,  scamera.ini,  shelter.ini,  shop.ini,  toilet.ini,  turrent.ini,  vent.ini,  viewplat.ini
In these files find this:     UnitsAllowed= 20;     when you find this delete it in each of these files.
5. To make the limit on path and fenceing find road.ini and all WT.ini files and change this:     UnitsAllowed= 20;     to     UnitsAllowed= 16000;    
6. To get more digteams go to the Data file, then go to the Constant.ini file and find this     FossilHuntMaxNumTeams = 5;     and change it to this:     FossilHuntMaxNumTeam = 108;

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