Hi, my name is Zack, a college student attending school in Ohio. This is my first year of college, and I am struggling trying to make ends meet. I receive some financial aid, but not nearly enough to pay for everything that I need. I work full-time as well as attending school, but a minimum-wage job isn't enough. That's where you come in.

I could go on for hours saying how horrible my childhood was, or how I got picked on in high school for being "the poor kid"... but I know you don't want to hear about that, and I'm not a fan of telling the stories anyway.I'd rather just tell you that I'm someone who needs a break, just like everyone else in the world. And you could help me get that break.

I've set up a PayPal account for anyone interested in leaving a donation. I know not everyone would want to donate, and I'm not expecting everyone to. In fact, I'm not really expecting ANYONE to. But as a person on his last resort, I figured I would try it and see what comes of it. If you would like to e-mail me, the link is on the left. Most importantly, if you are reading this, than you have probably read the rest, and I thank you for your time, and I especially thank those who were kind enough to donate... my only hope is that one day, I will be able to repay the favor.
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