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3/31: Wow, it has been far too long since i updated. Today, i have a song for your listening pleasure, my cover of Smart Went Crazy's "Con Art" off the album Con Art. Enjoy!

11/11: Ok, i am a total geek--while procrastinating tonight, i found this link. Yeay. On a less personal note, the Medications EP is pretty sweet, i'm in love with Ryan Nelson et al (the Routineers' Album rocks), and Q and not U made a damn good disco album (but not really). Oh, and i'm probably going to try to figure out the lyrics to the new Medications EP this weekend in preparation for their Northsix appearance on monday...i'll post when i have something worthwhile.

10/8: Sorry about the lack of updates...I've been busy. If you haven't heard yet, Medications is releasing an album on Oct. 25th. The Routineers (they played the show at my house two summers ago as Deep Six) are also releasing an album on Oct. 25th. Check out the Dischord Website for more information and perhaps to order.

5/6: My Antigone score and my lighting pictures are up. Check them out.

4/3: Hope you enjoy my collaboration of sorts with Heather. The original piece (and the rest of her amazing photography) is here.

3/16: Beauty Pill's The Unsustainable Lifestyle came out yesterday. Check it out. It's damn good. And for those of you have seen the Pitchfork review, know this--they are a bunch of pretentious dicks, and the guy who wrote that review obviously did not give the album a serious listen. Here's some better ones: this one is decent, while i don't necessarily agree with the last sentence, and this one is translated from German by google...In other Beauty Pill news, check this out...They're going on a sizable tour as well...Oh, and i now have info about the Medications benefit...enjoy!

1/19: Links page added; the Faraquet Lyrics were revised and corrected. They're pretty much dead on now.

1/5: i made a bit of a mistake, albeit an honest one. Medications' bassist is Chad Molter, formerly Faraquet's drummer. i apologize for the mistake. This was realized while talking to him and Devin at the Talking Head show (which was amazing). This band is so...tight, rocking, blow-you-away live. Being closer to them here (as opposed to the Black Cat), it was even more apparent how impressive they were individually. The drummer (whose name i didn't catch) is a total monster. The perfect combination of destruction and precision. Chad and Devin are pretty freaking amazing at their respective instruments as well. But together they truly are greater than the sum of their parts. I don't think the little bar was expecting the show they got, but Medications stepped up there, quietly set up their gear, and then blew everyone away. Just rocked the place. This is a band everyone must see live. Do it. Now. Get to the chopper. (say those last three sentences with an Ahnuld accent).

12/2/03: Ok, so the Beauty Pill/Medications/Garland of Hours Show was amazing. i had been blowing it out of proportion in my mind for a couple months, and it still blew me away. Medications opened, and their new bassist is none other than Chad Molter from Faraquet. Same drummer as Heat Better Scream, and he is a monster. They were quite good, same crazy goodness in terms of mathy riffs and time signatures as Faraquet had, but at the same time, a distinctly different approach than Faraquet took--more rock, less jazz. In any case, they rocked. Garland of Hours was pretty crazy. Amy Domingues switched off between her electric cello and keyboard, and everyone else played a number of instruments. Jerry Busher played drums, slide guitar, and vibes, Brendan Canty played bass, drums, slide guitar, and vibes, and Devin Ocampo joined them (He joined Beauty Pill later for some dual drumming with Ryan, making it a clean three for three), playing guitar and drums. Very interesting and experimental. Some stuff worked really well, and some didn't...but i enjoyed them. Beauty Pill? God Damn. They rule. i am expecting some big things from them. The live show brought it all together for me. i bought the two eps after sam told me about their 930 club show (Cigarette Girl From the Future and You Are Right To Be Afraid--both available from Dischord Direct, and well worth the $8/$4, respectively), and enjoyed them, but seeing BP live sealed the deal for me. Catch them if you can.

The mystery of the interesting sound thingy has been solved (for those of you just joining us, this is a sound project thing that i created using samples from three CDs--take a listen). The discs were Fugazi's Red Medicine, Smart Went Crazy's Con Art, and Q and not U's No Kill No Beep Beep. All are awesome discs that y'all should pick up if you don't already own them. Julian officially figgered it out first, but he guessed Les Savy Fav instead of Fugazi before i gave him a hint. So i give my props to Chris Kallmyer, who went three for three. Yeay for him. Although he needs to stop talking about Fil's dick.

9/21/03: Third Fret is dead. their "official" postmortem page is here. i am in New York at skool, so updates may be infrequent. Today, i cleaned up Third Fret's page for burial.

6/2/03: Review of Third Fret BBQ.

4/10/03: New page with my artish stuff up.

8/30/02: idcandy has officially broken up. Click their link for more...Mike finally updated the "official" site. More music will inevitably come from mr. Reilly and cronies, and i will be there to report.

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