I stood here watching the dream sleep. I can do anything if I wanna. But too bad I donít wanna. You'll think that I'm a weak and lame person. Yup! You so damn wrong about it. Ups! You got the point. Sometimes, I am.

Ohh!! Zillion times I told you about the beauty of silence. And have you understand about it? Can you be silly for a while, imagine just you and me in, dark and no light, the emptiness gathering around and suddently you donít feel anything, not even touching the ground. Oh! You are in the beauty of silence!

Only silence was spoken and silence never need to say a word.

Now the dark engulfs my silent world. And as usually night becomes my home. I stare into the black I love, and endlessly I roam. With each new turn I drift away. I think I am lost and I can't return. Yet oddly, I donít really mind. There's so much for me to learn. But somehow there's something wrong. I know! It's not enough for me. I feel that I'm not allowed to have my peace. Until I wake to see! The one thing that will make my life better than before. Althouugh I donít know what it is. Yes! I want it even more. Should I search the darkness aiml? -sigh-

My thoughts are of a dark nature, so bare with me!



I had enough!

I won't make you stuck with my wicked mind. Just like nasty michaelangelo said,"I saw the angel in marble and carved untill I set him free". Well I would like to carve you then setting you free! Thank you for swimming in the sea of the bittersweet of my mind. God blesses you!



I know you'll hate to touch it. But please touch my scorpioness soul. Then I'll set you free, sweet mankind! Trust me, for I'm your only friend here.




*November 08 2000*