The Freeza Saga

The second series in the Dragon Ball Z Series

Race to Planet Namek :

After the great battle with Vegeta, Krillin, Goku, and Gohan are all shipped to the hospital to heal.  Bulma comes in with a remote control that can control Nappa's ship. Unfortunately, she blows up the ship. They all want to go to Planet Namek, but they do not have the ship needed to get there. All of a sudden Mr. Popo comes and shows Bulma an old Namek ship that Kami came to earth in. Bulma learns how to use the ship and takes Krillin and Gohan along so that they may make a wish to revive their lost friends(Piccolo, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu)

Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma all embark and go to Namek. They encounter a race of people who are trying to kill Freeza. They find out that Freeza is an evil tyrant who conquers and kills races. The group learns a secret way to Namek from the people, but make it to this go forsaken planet which they think is Namek

The group meets two Nameks and they go on a wild goose chase around the planet to get them. In the end they mind out they were tricked by these two evil aliens that wanted to leave the planet. Krillin and Gohan beat up the two aliens and then make it to Namek.

Meanwhile, Vegeta has landed on a planet and has managed to recover. He informs us that he is going to kill FReeza and get the dragon ballz. He meets Kuwi who tells Vegeta not to go against Freeza, but Vegeta goes to Planet Namek anyways confident that he can win.

Goku is all healed up in earth, but when he begins to train he is injured and is sent back to the hospital.
Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma all land on Namek at basically the same time. They all find out that Freeza is also looking for the Dragon balls, and they he has already gotten a lot of them. They learn that Namek is made of many villages, and that in each village there is a Dragon Ball that is guarded by an elder. Bulma reports back to earth to tell them what has happened, but them they are attacked by two Freeza henchmen. Krillin and Gohan make short work of them , but they manage to lose their ship in the process. The Henchmen were baffled by how the two warriors could just raise their power levels so fast.. The group goes to a cave and then Krillin and Gohan (Team A) goes to investigate who this Freeza guy is.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is roaming around, he is attack by Kuwi. We learn that Vegeta can hide his power level and that he is stronger now. Vegeta kills Kuwi without a problem. We watch as Freeza and his two henchman (Dudoria and Zarbon) watch as Vegeta's power level grows. They are in disbelief that he has gotten so strong.

Krillin and Gohan make it to a destroyed Namek Village. They watch as Freeza and his goons beat up the Nameks and get the Dragon Balls. Three Nameks come and kill Freeza's weak goons, the Nameks can hide their power levels also. Then Dudoria kills the three Nameks without any porblem what so ever. An elder Namek destroys all the scounters Freeza has, so now Freeza cannot find the Dragon Ballz anymore. Dudoria kills the elder and then goes after the kids. Gohan goes insane and rushes down and hits Dudoria into a wall, then Krillin follows and hits Dudoria to the floor. They then grab the little Namek, Dende, and leave. Dudoria follows them but Krillin does a Solar Flare and is able to get away.

The Team goes to the cave and they talk to Dende. Dende explains that Nameks drink water, that they dragon balls ar a scared thing, and that the eldest Namek, Guru, has a Dragon Ball. He also mentions  ahuge storm which wrecked Namek. Bulma informs the gang that Goku is on his way to earth. Goku was able to get a bag of Senzu beans from Korin, and he then went to Prof Brief's house and went on the space ship. Goku is in outer space and is training. The gang on Namek are real happy. Dende then decides to take Krillin to see the eldest Namek.

Vegeta in the mean time finds Dudoria. He easily over powers Dudoria and Dudoria begs for his life. Vegeta revela that he can sense power levels.  Dudoria tells Vegeta about how Freeza kills his father and his planet, and Vegeta then kills Dudoria. He almost spots Gohan and Krillin too.
Vegeta then goes to a Namek Village. He is rude and crude to the Nameks. He bullies them around and kills everyone of them. He then gets the DragoN Ball and hides it in a lake. He then meets Zarbon. But who care because Goku is telepathically informed by Kaioh that Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Chaozu, and Piccolo have just arrived on his planet and are going to recieve training.

Transformations :

Vegeta is having no problems beating up Zarbon. He is able to throw aside one of Zarbons strongest blasts, and he is able to out manuver Zarbon with ease. The battle seems over for Zarbon, but then all of a sudden Zarbon transforms into a huge ugly creature. The tables are turned now, Zarbon is totally over powering Vegeta. Vegeta is totally out classes and is totally getting beat up. Vegeta is unable to really land a single blow onto Zarbon and Zarbon finishes Vegeta off by slamming him into the ground. Zarbon then reports to Freeza that he has won and takes him back to be recovered so that Vegeta can tell Freeza where he hid his Dragon Ball.

Meanwhile, Krillin and Dende are able to make it to Guru's hut. Krillin gets a Dragon Ball from Guru and Guru then unleashes Krillin's secret powers. Gohan and Bulma manage to find a Dragon ball in the Dragon Ball radar. Gohan then goes to the Namek village that Vegeta destroyed and he finds the Dragon Ball. Gohan then is going back to Bulma.

Vegeta is able to recover while the rest of that stuff happened. Vegeta makes a brake for it and is able to get Freeza's Dragon Balls/ Freeza is very angry and screams at Zarbon to go find his Dragon Balls. Vegeta goes into the ocean and swims away so that they will be unable to find him. Freeza is screaming at Zarbon some more and gives Zarbon one hour to get the Dragon Balls.

Vegeta finds the Dragon balls he stole from Freeza, he notices they are all in one place and he compliments himself. He then notices Krillin and follows him. Zarbon then finds Vegeta and follow him. Krlllin then makes it to Bulma and so does Vegeta and Zarbon. Zarbon and Vegeta fight for the Dragon balls, but when Zarbon transforms this time things are different. Vegeta is easily able to make quick work of Zarbon and he then kills him. Krillin then is forced to hand over the Dragon  Ball to Vegeta because he does not want Vegeta to hurt Bulma. Vegeta laughs and leaves only to encounter Gohan. Gohan hides the Dragon ball he has and is able to trick Vegeta. Gohan makes it to Krillin and the two go to Guru, while Vegeta finds out that he has been tricked and he comes out of the water burning mad.

The Ginyu Force :

Freeza is infuriated that he ahs lost his Dragon Balls. He then deicides to call for the Ginyu force, his own special elite fighting unit. The Ginyu force is then sent to Namek. Meanwhile on Kaioh's Planet, Yamcha, Chaozu, Tenshinhan are recieving training. Yamcha and Chaozu are able to make Kaioh laugh, and Tenshinhan is able to make Kaioh laugh after Yamcha helps him with a joke. Piccolo thinks this is all foolish and decides to train for himself. Tenshinhan, Yamcha, And Chaozu are able to catch Bubbles and hit Gragory after they eat and work out.

Vegeta is going after Krillin and Gohan. Krillin and Gohan manage to make it to Guru and Guru is able to unleash Gohan's inner powers. Vegeta makes it and Krillin stops him and so does Nail. Vegeta is struting his stuff and tells them he can beat them all up. Gohan then comes out and Vegeta is totally surprised, but then he begins to laugh and tells them that they are all weaklings. Dande then steps out and informs them that a strong force is coming. Vegeta then gets physicla and pushes them around and threatens to kill them if they don't give him the ball, then he basically begs them and tells them what the Ginyu force is. Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan then join forces because it is the Ginyu force. They go off to get Krillins Dragon Ball.

For all you that have watched DBZ you know I skipped the part of Bulma getting the Dragon ball, that is because it is boring and is not important. Goku is training hard on his ship. He gets off course and he has to repair the ship which he does so that he will not hit a star. Goku is able to do a Kaioken20!!! which allows him to be back on course, and he continues his training at 50 earth's gravity. Goku is then caught in a space storm and the gravity machine goes to 100 gravity. Goku manages to fix the machine and get out of the storm, and then he decides to train at 100 times normal earth's gravity.

The Ginyu force then comes and they are a bunch of goons who are pretty much losers. They do a bunch of dancing around and posing which made me laugh when I first saw them. They give Freeza a scouter and then go to find Vegeta. They find Vegeta and they get his Dragon Balls and Krillin's Dragon Ball. The Captain leaves with the Dragon balls and the remaining people of the force fight Vegeta and company.

Jeice is a small red guy... Recoome is a huge big guy.. Guldo is a small green frog like thing that can stop time by holding his breath.. Burter is blue, tall, and super fast. Guldo fights Gohan and Krillin. The two warriors from earth are beating Guldo pretty well. They have him on his feet running for his life, but Guldo manages to get them in his mind freeze attack., The two warriors are stuck in a net, and cannot move. Guldo then proceeds to beat them up and then is about to stab them to death with a tree, when Vegeta cuts off Guldo's head. (IN Cartoon Network Vegeta blows Guldo up)

Recoome is next. He dances around and is real stuipid. Vegeta powers up before the fight and the force is actually scared of his strenght. Recoome is floored by Vegeta and then Vegeta sends a huge blast his way. Everyone thinks the battle is over, but Recooome comes back. Vegeta is totally spapped of energy and loses to recoome after a hard fought battle. Recoome is about to finish off Vegeta when all of a sudden Gohan and Krllin save him. Recoome then beats up Krillin with just one kick, and then attack Gohan.

Gohan is putting up a bad fight against Recoome. He tries everything but is unable to hurt him at all. Recoome beats up Gohan to the point where is is almost dead, when guess who lands on Namek. It is Goku!!! GOku quickly comes to Gohan's aid. He gives Senzu beans to Krillin. Gohan and Vegeta. He then shows his superior speed and strenth by beating up Recoome by elbowing him in the stomach. Burter and Jeice then attack Goku, they fire blasts ate Goku but Goku is so fast that he appears that the blasts are going right through him. Vegeta then informs us that he may be a Super Saiyan. A Legendary Saiyan that occurs every 1000 years. Goku beats up Burter and Jeice runs away to Captain Ginyu.Vegeta kills the beaten up Ginyu members

Freeza meanwhile finds out that that Dragon balls are not working. He then goes out and finds out Guru is out there and goes to find him, leaving the captain to guard the balls. Freeza is acting all gentlman like but Guru is not fooled. Nail then challenges Freeza to a match so that Freeza will be stalled. Nail and Freeza then fly away to fight.

Captain Ginyu is trying to teach freeza's goons how to be a Ginyu, but he manages to kill just about all of them because they lack style. Then Jeice comes and tells Ginyu that a bad dude knocked off the Ginyu force  The captain orders the Freeza goons to dig a hole and put the Dragon Balls in that. The Captain then goes with Jeice to fight Goku. They arrive soon, and Goku tells Krillin and Gohan to go find the Dragon balls while Vegeta and him kick some tail. Vegeta leaves before the fight to get the Dragon balls for himself though.

The Captain and Goku fight and the battle seems equal. Ginyu knows that Goku can increase his power level real fast ans that he is hiding most of it. The battle elongates and Ginyu seems to have the upper hand, until Goku shows him his true power level. 180,000 ( This is a joke I think because Goku said he was a match for 10 Vegetas and low and behold that is a power levels 10 times Vegeta's when they fought in earth) GInyu is in disbelief and  he then shows Goku his ultimate technique. He snatches Goku body by putting it in stasis and pushing a beam of himself thus switching bodies. Ginyu left his body broken up, so Goku is now in bad shape in the broken up Ginyu body. Ginyu is now going back to the Freza base with Jeice.


Vegeta makes it to Freeza's base first. He kills Freeza's scared guards and he then puts on some fresh armor and goes into the healing chamber to fully heal up. Krillin and Gohan arrive when Vegeta is healing fully, and they dig up the Dragon balls only to find out that they cannot summon them. Vegeta has gotten out and he is watching then hoping for his chance, but he is notices they do not know how to summon the dragon either. He is angry of course.

All of a sudden Ginyu and Jeice come. Krillin welcomes Ginyu because Ginyu is in Goku's body. But Ginyu soon attacks them and Gohan and Krillin go at it.  Goku manages to come in his mangled up body and tells assures them that Ginyu is in his body. Krillin and Gohan have the upper hand when they fight him, but they restrain from using their full power because they can't get over that Ginyu is Goku. Ginyu is only at a power level of 24000 because he does not know how to use Goku's body, but eventually he learns how to use it and gets stronger. Vegeta picks a fight with Jeice . He kills Jeice without a problem, and Ginyu is angry. Vegeta then knocks down Ginyu and Ginyu decides to trade bodies, but Goku gets in the way just in time so they switch bodies. Vegeta then proceeds to beat up Ginyu until Ginyu tries another body transfer. Goku throws a frog at GInyu and Ginyu is a frog now.Vegeta sends Goku to a restoration pod and then he gives Krillin and Gohan some armor. Vegeta then takes a nap.

Meanwhile, Nail is getting his butt kicked by Freeza. He is real strong but still unable to even hurt Freeza. Freeza beats Nail up until Nail tells Freeza that he is just a diversion and that his friends have summoned the dragon and he is going to lose. Freeza leaves in a fit of rage.

Dende finds Krillin and they go to summon the Dragon Purunoa. They summon the Dragon and they wish Piccolo to be alive and to bring him back to Namek. Vegeta is awake now and he comes out in a huge fit of rage. He demands that they wish for immortality, but at that moment Guru dies and the dragon balls become stone. Vegeta is piping mad, his eyes are glowing with anger, and he is about to kill Krillin and Gohan when all of a sudden... FREEZA!!!!!

Namek Fusion, the secret powers of Dende and Gohan, and a insanely powerful lunatic called Freeza

Piccolo is now on Namek and alive, so that means Kami is alive as well. So Mr.Popo is going to retrieve the Dragon balls on earth. Piccolo manages to find Nail and he fuses with Nail to get a Power Level of 800000!! Piccolo then makes his way to fight FReeza.

Freeza is essentially toying with the trio. Krillin and Gohan are running around like idiots while Vegeta is still cool. He manages to punch away a blast Freeza sends at him and then the two juggernauts lock hands and do a huge energy blast of mercy I suppose. Freeza watches as Vegeta's power level reaches 100,000!! Then his scounter breaks and he lets go. Vegeta is panting while Freeza acts as if nothing had happened. Vegeta then challenges Freeza to transform and Freeza does. Freeza's new power level is over 1,000,000!!!  Freeza is huge now and much more intimidatng. Freeza destroys all the land and makes the warriors go to the air. Freeza then decides to play cat and mouse with the warriors. He attacks Krillin. Krillin throws Dende out of the way and gets impaled. he is thrown into the water and drowns.

Gohan becomes so mad that he goes insane. He attacks Freeza with such ferocity that even Freeza is unable to dodge the attack. He smacks Freeza in the face, steps on his gut and lets out a huge masenko blast which leaves him lieing in the rubble.  Vegeta is astonished and he thinks Freeza is actually hurt. But Freeza gets up and laughs at how pathetic the attack was, then we notice that Krillin is alive. Dende can heal and he broguth Krillin back before Krillin died. Gohan is attacking Freeza but Freeza totals him, and Dende heals him. Krillin then does a Destruco disk which cuts off Freeza's tail, and then he does a few destructo diskcs which break up inot many disks. Freeza starts chasing Krillin but Krillin does  a Solar flare and escapes. He returns to Veget and Gohan, but then Freeza comes back and the three seemed doomed. BUt then comes Piccolo!!!

Piccolo and Freeza fight furiosly. Piccolo seems to be finished off by Freeza twice but Piccolo just comes back. Piccolo takes off his weighted clothing and then he looks real tough, cracking hi knuckles and such. He then attacks Freeza. Freeza is outmatched and cannot believe someone weaker then he is beating him up.. Piccolo does a few interesting attacks which leave Freeza a little burned up. He is able to counter a huge blast Freeza does and counters with a huge one of his own, but all of Piccolo's attacks are unable to even hurt Freeza. FReeza then transforms again and is easily able to beat Piccolo. Gohan gets enraged again and sends another huge Masenko that sends Freeza to the floor, but Freeza manages to cancell the blast out. Freeza then decides to transform again. Vegeta then makes Krillin attck him so that he is in 1/10 of his life. He wants to become even stronger. Krillin does this after a while, and Dende has to heal him eventually. Dende also heals Piccolo. Vegeta now believes he is a super Saiyan.

Freeza kills Dende and then Vegeta and Freeza lock fists again. Vegeta does a very showy display of his strength, but is unable to land a single blow to Freeza. His most powerful blast is dodged by a knee kick by Freeza. Freeza then proceeds to defeat Vegeta. Torturing him and beating him to death. The gang watches in horror as Vegeta is being pummeled to death. Goku manages to get out of the restoration pod and he comes to tha fight. (In between this and the battle with Goku and Freeza, Vegeta remebers alot of his history)

Goku comes in and Vegeta begs him to kill Freeza, and Goku promises. Freeza then kills Vegeta and Goku buries him. freeza then sends some weak blasts at Goku and Goku easily deflects them.
Goku and Freeza then fight. The battle is intense and Goku finds out that Freeza cannot detect power levels. He manages to get a few blows in, but Freeza is just too much for him. Goku manages one huge Kamehameha attack and another final blow, but is beaten up too. His Kaiohken 20 is useless.. Goku then decides to use the Spirit Bomb.

Meanwhile, In Kaioh's planet. The dead members of the Ginyu force come and attack. Yamcha takes care of Recoome, while Tenshinhan beats up Burter and Jeice, and Chaozu beats up Guldo. Kaioh is impressed with the three warrios and then explains that Goku is using a spirit bomb. ON earth Chi Chi wants to get to Namek, but Briefs stops her.

Goku is summoning energy from other planets to make a huge bomb. Piccolo, Krllin, and Gohan are diverting Freeza's attention, and then Goku lets Freeza have it. The huge bomb over power's Freeza who is sent into agony. The gang thinks the fight is over and they celebrate.

But Freeza comes back and sends a blast which almost kills Piccolo, and then he proceeds to KIll Krillin. Goku becomes so angry that he becomes a Super Saiyan. Gohan leaves and takes Piccolo to Goku's ship, and he also gets Bulma onto the ship. Goku is overpowering Freeza, and Freeza in a desperate attack sends a blast to destroy Planet Namek in 5 minutes.  Goku then order Freeza to go to ultimate form, and Freeza does.

Battle of the Universe :

Freeza at first seems to have the upper hand, but Goku and Freeza seem to be at equal after a while. Then Freeza does a crazy attack and rushes into Goku's kamehameha blast. Goku seems to be winning, but Freeza then sends Goku into lava and he believes he has won. Gohan then goes to fight Freeza believing he has too. He fights Freeza and manages to give Freeza a few blows, but then Goku comes back. Gohan goes to the ship and leaves Namek.

Mr. Popo then revives the Dragon Shenlong. He wishes to revives the people killed by Freeza.. Purunga is brought back and so is Vegeta, but Krillin was revived once so he is not brought back to life. Freeza sees Purunga and demands immortality, but Purunga ignores Freeza and listens to Dende. Dende wishes to be transported to earth with everyone else but Goku and Freeza. Dende heals Piccolo on earth and Vegeta stands there all angry.

Goku and Freeza are then battling it out. Goku and Freeza are dead even, but all of a sudden it becomes obvious that Freeza is getting weaker and weaker while Goku is still strong.Freeza is enragd because he always believed he was the most powerful fighter in the Universe. In a desperate attempt to kill Goku he uses his own destructo disk, but he only manages to cut himself in half. Then he begs for mercy and Goku gives in, but Freeza attacks GOku and GOku then kills Freeza.

Goku then tries frantically to get off the planet. He goes to Freeza's ship but it is not working. Planet Namek explodes and this seems to be the end of Goku. On earth Vegeta is laughing his head off because he is now the most powerful being in the Universe. Gohan is angry as hell and attacks Vegeta, but Vegeta lays the smack on Gohan. Piccolo stops the fight and Veget agrees to be peaceful since no one is  a match for him.


A few days (namek year) pass and Purunga is brought back and Krillin and Yamcha are brought back.  Vegeta finds out that Goku is still alive and leave Earth in a space ship. After a few more days Purunga is summoned again and Tenshinhan. Chaozu are brought back. Also the Nameks go back to their homewlrd which they wish back. Guru is dead and he assigns a new Guru.

A Space ship passes shortly and it is King Cold , Freeza's father. KIng Cold brings back Freeza by making him a cyborg in a sense. They then plan to invade Earth. The Earth Warriors are no match for King Cold and Freeza, and all seems lost. But all of a sudden a mystery man comes. Vegeta recognizes that the man is a Saiyan. The visitor reaches Super Saiyan mode and kills Freeza with a slice of his sword. He then sends a blast which goes through KIng Cold's heart.

The Stranger is Trunks, the future son of Bulma and Vegeta. He informs us that Goku is not dead but that he escaped in a ginyu space ship. He went to the Planet Yardat, and he tells them that Goku should appear soon. Goku does appear and he informs them that he has learned how to teleport. This essentially leads us to the Cell Series. Trunks warns them to train for an upcoming threat.