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This is a partial listing, all I have on grave sites at Eastern State Hospital, Knoxville, TN.  When we were trying to locate the gravesite of our Great Grandmother, Edna Yearout Stinnett, we received this listing.   All of the listed died and were buried at the State Mental Hospital, now known as Lake Shore Hospital.  If you have need to locate someone who possibly died there, call Pam Graff, as she was most helpful. 
Most of these people died without any acknowledgement of family as they were buried on state grounds.  Some may have been covered up or hidden from future generations due to embarrassment. 
History has proven that people could be admitted without truly being insane.  Some may have suffered from extreme depression,  or many other reasons which are now completely curable today. 
Whatever the case may be, each and everyone of these people were human beings,  who should not be disowned by todays standards. 
The cemetery across from Lake Shore Hospital is a mixture of Veterans graves, black graves and white graves.  All burials outside of the Veterans section were paupers graves, bodies unclaimed by family who perhaps were unable to pay for services rendered. 
This is only a partial listing of the people buried near Edney,  all in
row 2 which borders the Veteran's section, also known as the white section.    To locate one of these sites is quite easy.  Just count the sites using the nice stone we placed on Edna's gravesite.  The Grave number may be hidden underneath grass,  you may have to really search, but they are there.   

Name                     Grave #                    Date                    Residence
Sadie Rippetse          37                       07-Jan-1924           Greene County, TN
Bart Payne                38                      14-Jan-1924           Monroe County, TN
Edna Stinnett           39                      15-Jan-1924           Sevier County, TN
Sarah Sevinford        40                      18-Jan-1924            Rhea County, TN
Mattie King              41                       06-May-1924           Sequatchie County, TN
Marion Fish              42                       14-Jul-1924            Cocke County, TN
Hulda Hudson           43                       17-Jul-1924            Sullivan County, TN
Nancy Manier           44                        04-Sep-1924           White County, TN
J.R. McCarter          45                       27-Oct-1924             Jefferson County, TN
Mary Pierce              46                       25-Dec-1924            Campbell County, TN
Moses Miller             47                       13-Jan-1925            Washington County, TN
George Click             48                      02-Feb-1925             Washington County, TN
Hiram Hill                49                        01-Mar-1925            Claiborne County, TN
Tilda Cannon            50                       06-Mar-1925             Grainger County, TN
Harvey Guy              51                        08-Mar-1925            Campbell County, TN
Thomas King            52                        09-Mar-1925             Scott County, TN
Mary Bailey              53                        13-Mar-1925             Johnson County, TN
John D. Stuart          23-Row 110          20-Sep-1915-age 38


Concerning Records from Eastern State:
We received the medical information "before" new laws were passed in TN regarding these records. However, you can still get burial records from Lyons Veiw.
Excerpt from a mesage sent to me:
We had hunted everywhere we could think of for a burial site or a death certificate.  They were supposed to have been kept that year. The law was passed in 1914, but apparently Lyon's Veiw didn't comply. 
I called the Director, explained what I needed and he said he would call me back. He called me back a few days later, saying John Stuart was buried there and told me the date of death, which row and plot.

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