Instruction On How To Compose Ringtones on Nokia Phones


First of all you need a phone which has a composer. Phones with composers include the Nokia 3210 and 3310 (These are UK models - therefore equivalent models in your country would apply). If you phone does not have a composer then you need to get someone with a phone with a composer on it to send you the ringtone. Only the ringtone in the composer can be sent.

How To Compose

The ringtones featured on this site are all in easy to use keypress format. You need to simply click the keypad numbers as illustrated. Below is an example ringtone which should help you explain what happens. Firstly you can see the keypresses and secondly you can see the RTTTL format as it would appear on your phone.

Keypress Format Chalte Chalte (Mohabattien) - 180bpm (Tempo)
6#, 6, (hold 4), (hold 5), 5, 5, 6#, 6#, 6, (hold 4), (hold 5), 5, 59, 68, 5, (hold 3), (hold 4), 4, 4, 6, 6, 5, (hold 3), (hold 4), 4, 49, 58, 4, (hold 2), (hold 2)#, 2#, 2#, 6#, 6#, 6, (hold 1)*, (hold 5)**, 5, 5, 6#, 6#, 6, (hold 1)*, (hold 5)**, 5, 599
RTTTL Format Chalte Chalte (Mohabattien) - 180bpm (Tempo)
4#a1 4a1 4.f1 4.g1 4g1 4g1 4#a1 4#a1 4a1 4.f1 4.g1 4g1 2g1 4a1 4g1 4.e1 4.f1 4f1 4f1 4a1 4a1 4g1 4.e1 4.f1 4f1 2f1 4g1 4f1 4.d1 4.#d1 4#d1 4#d1 4#a1 4#a1 4a1 4.c2 4.g1 4g1 4g1 4#a1 4#a1 4a1 4.c2 4.g1 4g1 1g1

Where it says hold in brackets you need to hold down the number for a few seconds until a dot appears in the rtttl format for example as you can see above Hold 5 = 4.fl once entered on your keypad. If a number/character precedes a Hold then you should quickly press it after the dot appears.

After composing the ringtone you should change the ringtone to the appropriate speed as listed on the site. If no tempo is listed then just test the differant speeds and select the correct one. Note the higher the tempo the faster the speed the ringtone will go at.

If you require further assistance then please e-mail the site co-ordinator at now.