Star Trek: New Frontier

Cptn. Mackenzie Calhoun
Cmdr. Elizabeth Shelby
Dr. Selar
Lt. Burgoyne 172
Lt. Zak Kebron
Lt. Mark McHenry
Lt. Solete
Enisgn Robin Lefler
Si Cwan

(from left: Selar, Burgy, Mark, Mac, Eppy, Soleta, Robin, Kebron)

Captain Calhoun and his crew pilot the starship Excalibur in the region of space formerly
known as the Thallonian Empire. Unfortunately, this is one series that you won't see on
your television screen. Star Trek: New Frontier is the first Trek series that comes solely
in book form. Written by Peter David, the New Frontier books can be found wherever
Star Trek books are sold.

Though Captain Calhoun has never been seen on television, some of his crew have.
Commander Elizabeth Shelby, Dr. Selar and Ensign Robin Lefler were all seen on
Star Trek: The Next Generation. Shelby was played by Elizabeth Dennehy, Selar
by Suzie Plakson, and Lefer by Ashley Judd.

And, again on a similar note, Suzie Plakson plays K'Ehleyr, whom I've dedicated a
page on this website too.