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Zebbug Scouts....

The present Zebbug Scout Group was established on the 10th May 1999 after being dormant for almost sixty years.
The founder of the Zebbug Scout Group is Mr. Raymond Spiteri Binett who with a group of leaders (two of which are still active) started out the Group.
The Group is the newest member of the central district.
It can boast of being the first Group to be officially opened in the Maltese Islands in the new Millenium .
The scarf colours are green and yellow, the typical colours of Haz-Zebbug .
Yellow is for courage and the Green is for the foliage of the Olive trees that used to adorn the village of Zebbug.

As from July 2001 the group for the first time started recruiting girls from the age between 7 and 9 and hence the group became co-ed.

Some important dates of the Zebbug Scout Group:

10th -14th May 1999 (First recruitment )
26th May 1999 (First Pack Meeting) - Villa San Filep
29th May 1999 (First Troop Meeting)
12th November 2000 (Official opening of the Group)
16th May 2004 (5th Anniversay Celebrations)
2nd June 2006 (First Beaver Meeting)

Trips abroad:

9th - 13th September 2002 (Trip to Catania - Sicily)
16th - 28th August 2004 (Trip to Kandersteg - Switzerland)
10th - 22nd August 2006 (Fordell Firs - Scotland)
20th - 23rd July 2007 (Giarre/Agira/Ragusa - Sicily)
3rd - 15th August 2008 (Trip to Kandersteg - Switzerland)

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Current Section Leaders:

G. S.L: Raymond Spiteri Binett
A.G.S.L: Christopher Bonello (Sections)
A.G.S.L. Tonio Axisa (Administration/PR)
Ventures: Mario Marmara'
Scouts: Ray Spiteri Binett
Cubs: Mark O'Neill
Beavers: Nancy Marmara
Band Master: Victor Vella
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