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6-11-o5 Well, we're almost to 2000 hits, I noticed while checking up today. So I oekakied Zeki for you all as a celebration that even though I'm not around much We still have viewers, despite the seriously outdated writings. I've mainly left all of the original Hidden Secrets up for people to read and laugh at. It's a sad fact, but pretty much true. I've got a new one up in the works, but I'm waiting for Advent Children and hopefully a burst of inspiration.

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Last updated January 1, 2004 Yes, I understand that now my fans have all but left and I understand that it is a happening of circumstance. I am regretted to say that this site will be down for a while and next time it is revived, it very well may not be a final fantasy seven shrine. With the new Advent Children video coming out, there isn't much I can do in the way of fan fictions until I see it. As for updates, I have taken off quite a few pictures if only because they were crashing the site and hopefully, I'll be able to put up some new ones. This will mainly be a site where I post things for a role play I recently joined called Final Fantasy Infinity. If permission is given, I may be able to post some of it here when it's finished. Again I appologise for my absenses in the past and in the future. ~ Haily

Sephiroth: I can hardly believe how well those animators have gotten my appearace! What do you all think about it? I mean, here I thought everyone (including myself) was permanently wiped from the story!!

Zeki: Who knows? *shrugs tiredly, still depressed at the previous mention of his retirement* Maybe we'll be in it, too.

Sephiroth: Hey guys, this isn't the end, you know. We'll be back someday...

Zeki: You can't say that for sure. Hell, you're always here, Seph. You never get taken from the plot... us.. we're just...

Lenoa: We're just what, Zeki? We're just as important in people's every day life as Seph is. I mean, look at us... do you see how far we've come? All you see is us in the story, how badly we're written... but look at us now! When we get to it, we're just as human as the person who made us. We grow and change every damned day we're spoken of. Don't doubt us, We'll be back... it's just a vacation we're on...

Sephiroth: One we've been on for two years. No one's even reading this you know, Lenoa. All of this is just so that each one of us can //feel// something before we fade away. Everyone will inevitably leave.

Zeki: If that's so... why don't we just give up? Just give up to the fucking monotony of something that this world in your head used to be? We don't exist... we're all in your head. Keep telling yourself that. You're all that matters. You're the only thing in this place because you're dreaming, Sephiroth. You're dreaming. If you want this to be over... open your damned eyes. *turns away in anger and follows all those previous tracks into the town*

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