A Selection of African uniform buttons

My hobby is Collecting, Researching and Illustrating world-wide military and civil uniform buttons.

I'm located in MALTA G.C., The Hub of the Old World (Mediterranean).

History:  I commenced taking this hobby seriously some 25 years ago and joined the British Button Society.  Since then, I have become a regular contributor of button articles in our journal BUTTON LINES, alone or with collague Howard Ripley, for which I have line drawn hundreds of uniform buttons at 25 to 31mm diameter. Later joining the International Uniform-buttons Collectors Club (Belgium) for whom I have continued contributing more short illustrated articles in our NEWSLETTER.

Some topics covered in these articles were: Latin and South American Uniform Buttons, Uniform Buttons from Malta, Uniform Buttons of the British Fire Brigades and Rescue Services, The British Army, Buttons of British Africa and since Independence,  Army and Police Buttons of the Indian Princely States, Police Buttons of India and Pakistan and Uniform Buttons of former British Colonies in South East Asia.

Co-author or/and illustrator of button books:  Rifle Volunteer Buttons, 1859-1908, British Police, Volume 2, Buttons of the Indian Army until 1947 (seven volumes) and Buttons of the British Army 1855-2000 (out soon).

Any serious reader having any uniform button identification queries or wishing to exchange same for collection, feel free to contact me.
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Name: Denis A. Darmanin