Hey, my name is Austin and I am 16. I am a Junior in North Carolina. I like to play a lot of video games, drive my '67 Mustang, play soccer, and fly private planes. I am currently planning on becoming a aeronautical engineer. Anything that involves a lot of math, really. Anyway, I plan on going to UNC.
     I play a lot of online games. See Tribal Wars, Astro Empires, and Twisted Turmoil. My player name is Lost Phobia.
     Our plane, a Cesna Skyhawk 172F. Was a lot of fun to fly but with gas prices and all we never used it so we sold it. Oh, well. Fun while it lasted. I was getting pretty good too...
     My '67 Mustang. An older picture, but it still looks about the same. We're focussing on the engine and interior before we begin working on the exterior. Still a nice car and a heck of a lot of fun to drive!