haveyoueverfeltyourcosmo?______________the tower.
Decided that you needed a new blog layout? Decided that you finally have the program to do just that? Well I did. Haha. Got tired of that premade layout courtesy of Duklyon Cafe, so I decided to make my own. This one was pretty simple to make really, just a lot of blending and brushing and a tad bit of layering. I got the brushes from Miss M's Photoshop Brushes and the picture was from a scan of X/1999. You know Tokyo Tower and all that. I wanted to put Kamui in the layout also, but in the end I changed my mind so it's just the Tokyo Tower and a mass of green shtuff at the side.

Anyway, the layout looks best in 1240X768 (really) and in IE5 (because I made it in that). Enjoy! Ta!

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