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My home greenapple Hi, there! Welcome to Green Options! Ahuh, don't give me that puzzled look. You will certainly discover why this is a "green options website". Anyway, let me first inform you that the person behind this is nobody else but LEIZL. And, that's me! Now let me give a brief background on this website. Definitely, this is a personal website. It follows then that most of the links here have something to do with me. But if you think that my favorite color is green, I'm afraid you must be wrong. I chose green as my theme because it connotes life, growth, health, among others. The links I have created here could give the details on that matter. Moving on, this website contains eighteen (18) links. Each link offers a different kind of experience on stuff like my favorites, my lifestyle, a compilation of some of the articles I submitted in my technical writing course, and a lot more. I have also included here links that provide informational materials about a healthy lifestyle. Actually, what I am trying to create here is a personalized health website. But for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements to pass a course, it would be impossible to be strict on that matter. However, I was still able to include links that provide health stuff. I hope that this could benefit you in any way.
THANK YOU and happy browsing!!!

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