The Zelgadiss and Amelia Forever Writers Guild

Fanart by Isabel M.

Welcome to the new home of the Zelgadiss and Amelia Forever Writer's Guild. The Zelgadiss and Amelia Forever writer's guild was established originally by Astra M. to provide a place to find "Slayers" fanfiction that was pro Zelgadiss Greywords+ Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune.
The cannon couplings of Zel/Amelia, Lina/Gourry, and even Val/Filia or Xel/Filia do not seem to be well supported among the "Slayers" fanbase. This is completely odd to me because I think that even though "Slayers," is not a romance anime the intended couplings are completely obvious in the subtle romantic moments of the show. Beside the point, if you don't support the Z+A coupling, you probably won't be able to stomach this site.
Anyway, fanfictions are indexed by author. Just so you know this is a Z+A writer's guild, but that doesn't mean all the stories are all out romance. There's something for everyone here. Trust me I've read 'em all. There's angst, adventure, romance, lemons, limes, and everything else. There is stories of various lengths from Serials to songfics.
Well we're under new mangement now, but all the old stuff is here. My name is Kelly, but you can call me Oriana. I've also included a new fanart section.
I've always thought of the Z+A Forever Writer's Guild as somewhat of a refuge from. The Zel/Lina, Xel/Amelia, Zel/Xel, and you name it fanfiction at the other sites. It's all here. this is the most comprehensive index of Z+A supportive fanfic on the net. If yours, or even some random fic you come across isn't linked here. Please tell me!

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Currently the Zelgadiss and Amelia writer's guild is located here...

Oriana: This site is of course Under construction....
Zel: Thank you Captain Obvious
Oriana: Hey that's my line!
Amelia: This site sure has pretty things on it. Did you make them? Oriana: No way, making pretty buttons and all involves, skill. That's something I have little of.

P.S. To trad list members... These are aquamarines, not sapphires. :P