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Welcome to "Zelda Legacies"! Get all the information you need on all the Zelda games out! Check out our forum and become a member and talk about Zelda! Also, check out some other cool Zelda sites on the right side of the screen . I hope our site has helped you on what your looking for.
The Legend Continues...
August 5 2004
Posted by: DB

Wazzuppppp....??? its been a while. We've been busy with some other things but i promise u all this site will be updated, lol. i just got to get in touch with fierce. well no new updates really unless you guys already know about the new LoZ game. It has sick graphics, new fighting systems and more. Cya guys for now!
August 25 2004
Posted by: fierce diety

long time I haven't updated i been very busy and now since E3 just came there is more work to do! So far I am changing the links, topsites site banner e.t.c and iam trying to get hosted by zelda central ( link on right side)Also, I put up a downloads page be sure to check that out aswell! anyways cya!
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