Now Featuring: Ocarina of Time Boss walkthroughs, dungeon overviews, Majora's Mask Boss walkthroughs, mask quests, and dungeon overviews. Also, images and music from the games!

This series changed more than just the minds of the people who played it. It revolutionized the way that games were made, and continues to be an example of a game made right. Even today, a new Zelda approaches. The arrival of E3 Zelda is highly anticipated (a huge understatement by me!) by its numerous fans, leaving them ravaged by the suspense. Naturally, I have some pictures, in the Other Zelda Games page. (I'm just itching to get a copy myself!) For the moment, here is what I've compiled of the best of the games so far, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Also in the Other Zelda Games are Link's Awakening, E3 Zelda, Wind Waker, and some quick info on the other games.

Also included in this site: a look into Super Smash Brothers Melee and Soul Calibur 2 for the Gamecube. If it features Link, this site will feature it! Four Swords adventure is now out for the Cube as well, and I will see if I can rent it asap! Also coming: The minish cap and E3 Zelda.
Also In the Works...
Zelda RPG and/or OOT funny stories. I want you to tell me which should be up here, and whether you will play! Just email me at
The RPG sounds fun, and I'll have to offer funny stories... Eh, mail me and say what ya think.