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July 25th, 12:15PM

I made a flash movie amd posted it on
DeviantART.  This is my first movie and took me about 3 hours (even thouhg it's only two minutes long). ^^; Enjoy!

July 17th, Midnight

Wow!!  When did Midnight come around?!  I've actually DRAWN and COLORED and CGed a
Red As A Rose!!  And now that the sprite intro is done, I'm gonna be making RAAR random from here on out, making fun of things in my life, like video games and friends and so on...

Come back in a day or so and there'll be somemore comics up.  And art... LOTS of art. XD  

July 14th, 10:30PM.

Okay, reason I haven't updated is because PageBuilder would NOT WORK.  On two different computers!!  I just got it working here at my grandma's.  OIf this keeps up, I'm moving to Keenspace. *goes to learn propr HTML*  Anywho, I have ALOT of comics in the process and will be posted by monday, when I'm back from Vancouver.  So 'til then, you can check out my DA and LJ, I've been keeping those updated.  'Til then, ciao!  
"Oh no, now I have to deal with all of the Copyright stuff!"
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