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November Update!!  I’ve added some new Zelda Advance shots… some of the Four Swords!!  Go to the Zelda GBA page!!

November Update!!  GREAT NEWS!!  (And in November, the most pointless month ever!!)  Gamers in Japan who pre-order the new Zelda GC game between 28th November and 12th December will be given a FREE(!!) copy of Ocarina of Time(!!) AND (!!) wait for it…(!!!) URA-ZELDA(!!!!!!!!!!!) on a GC disk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is soooooo cool!!!  As of yet there’s no official news if Nintendo’ll do the same deal for Europe and America, but according to it will come to these shores, but possibly sold separately!!  There’s an on-line petition going on, but I can’t remember the link… so I’ll put it up next time.  In case you don’t know, Ura-Zelda is Ocarina of Time with the addition of the unreleased 64DD expansion!  Not much is known of it yet, but it’s also been called the Triforce Edition(!!!)  which implies you’ll be able to get the TRIFORCE!!!  Go to the new Ura page to check it out.  Oh, and I’ll add some new screenshots to the ZGC page soon – have recently released 100 new ones!  Go to to download the cinema trailer.


Don’t forget the Smash Bros. Melee page has some lovely pics of the Zelda characters in action, and the Zelda Gamecube and Zelda GBA pages too.


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