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Welcome to the web's strangest Inuyasha site!  Least Kchan and Razzy think so.  You see this isn't a typical general IY site.  Oh you'll get your fix on the normal things like an image gallery and information but you'll also get to walk into our void.  

Are you prepared to be greeted by some really strange stuff?  Step into the void of our minds, Inuyasha style! Ever wonder what would happen if the Inuyasha crew were actors? How about if they were stuck in the roles of someone else? Not quite fanfiction, but not quite normal! Step inside, step inside and dive on into the Puppy Files!!!

And yes Puppy Files is a year old! *gasp* The ocean levels must be rising up, if this is true.  Ok, they ain't rising up, but Puppy Files is over a year old now!  Thank you everyone for visiting and for 30,000+ hits!

Btw if you want to know what's happening right now in Japan related to Inuyasha, you'll probably won't find that here.  But we recommend you to go to IY info from Japan!  They have up to date information from the most recent episodes aired, to the movies!


Last updated: 2/20/04
We are going to switch our hosts this weekend, so that's why The Puppy Files is back on geocites.  Should be back up at the latest Feb 27.  

Layout information:

We know this layout is very colorful.  But color is good right?  Besides Kchan hates non-color things.  Enough of that.  Kchan basically made this layout because she is stuck in the middle of a long, cold bleak winter, and the colors made her feel better.  

The layout features a super spiffy early manga image of Kagome and Inuyasha.  Kchan wants to thank Takiko at Immediate for her wonderful tutorials!  They helped Kchan make this layout you see.  Go to Immediate if you need to learn some tricks with PSP or Photoshop!


Ha! You think Inuyasha belongs to us? You got to be kidding!! Inuyasha is created by the wonderful genius Rumiko Takahashi!! Not Kchan and Razzy!! We are just two crazed fan girls making a site to a fabulous story!!! Besides, we think Inuyasha is sooo kawaii!!

Exits out:

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The Files:

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