The Triforce of Power flickered to life. The sacred relic awakened the fallen warrior, granting Ganondorf a new body that reflected his twisted heart. Rebord as Ganon, no longer a man but a distorted beast, the King of Evil was given the strength for on last battle before succumbing to the void. The Master Sword flew from Link's hand and landed outside the ring of fire that enclosed the two opponents. Link blinded the savage with a Light Arrow and smashed its tail with the mythical Megatron Hammer. Once the fiery arena subsided, Link was able to brandish the Master Sword again. Ganon's attacks grew wider as the monster swung his arms wildly in a frenzied effort to defeat his blessed nemesis. Link fired another barrage of magical Light Arrows into Ganon's eyes and slized through his tail with the legendary blade. Finally, the King of Evil fell before Link, and the sages opened the void and imprisoned Ganon forever - or so they hoped.

Ganon has escaped from the Sacred Realm and plans to take revenge against Hyrule and those who imprisoned him. His dark armies are gathering, dark intentions stored. Will the Hero of Time and his company be able to defend the beautiful land against the King of Evil, or will Ganon manage to rule supreme? The missing chapter to The Legend of Zelda awaits its discovery in... The Legend of Zelda MUSH