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August 15, 2004

Help needed!

I need some help with zeldatowers if you would like to help make this site better create the part of the website you would like to help with and email me at zeldatowers@yahoo.com

March 17, 2004

Hoy! Long time no see!

Well as you can tell you very few people that have visted my website that I have made some very big changes. I fixed the logo, added 2 sections to the Link's Awakining, updated the Ganon page, and made a lot of new images. I should have some new games soon! Richard's Villa Will be coming soon Richard.(The Horriblest Gamer In The World! Can we even call you that!)

February 26, 2004
Welcome To The Tower Of Gods.

This is our first day as a web site there is a few problems. If the site takes up less space than the screen I am thing to fix it. I do not have the Orcal of Seasons and Ages up yet but I'm working.

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