If you don't like me then fuck off!!!!  MAYBE I don't like you !!!!!!
congats to the graduating classes of 2002
Name: Jessica Rene Paul 
Nick Names: Jess, Jessi, And Jazz
Age: 18
Parents: Jim and Marchelle Paul
Siblings: Jordan Jarrod and Jackie
Best Friends: Stella, lyssa, Cara, Sammy, Mando, Mandy, Chelsey( aka zomer) Kayla, Tania, Bryan, Keith, Becca
Other Special People: Ryan L. I still don't have the curage to ask him out
Status: single but hopefully not for long
Shout Out: Was up everybody if i didn't mention you this is to you. You all know i got way to many ppl to shout out to. but what the hell! everybody stay cool
Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken Fedicinni Alfredo
Favorite Drink: ummm... MoutinDew????
Future Plans: IM gonna be a vet and help those cute little critters
Number one wish: i wish for true love you know that fairytale, Happly everafter, dreams really do come tru kind of love!
i would just like to say im sorry but my original page crashed or got lost or something so i had to redo it. hey its ok  don't cry i still have the cowboys.
or email me at fire_cat_2002@hotmail.com
Prom Pictures
My friends prom pics
Please be patient my page is not done and i am working  dilagently on it to put some of my best poems and other links so have fun on this site
Wanna see stick people die Hehehe