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Zelig is writing "Secrets", a script based on a  series of eight short films about couples and their "in the closet lives". The brilliant idea behind this story is that when you combine the eight short films, a feature film is created, in which you'll see how from such diverse stories, each one will interrelate to the other.

In "Secrets" you'll find infidelity, virtual sex, friendship, platonic love, liberal couples, crimes of passion...

"Secrets" will feature a never done before, in independent film, eight directors lineup, one for each story.

The film will be financed by two producers and the filmmakers themselves, including Zelig, all of whom will invest $ 3,000 each. The $ 30,000 will make the film a  low... low budget feature.

Filming will start promptly on July 2005 in Super 16mm.

THE SUN BEARER: The Gathering

Is a script by Zelig based on human fascination for the sun and what it represents to us. It carries within its paragraphs the mythological reasons behind histories about sun worshipers. It is life on earth as we have never imagined it. It will take you on a journey of struggle, bravery and resolve. It is a science fiction series that will carry the spectator during five episodes on a journey of hope.

It is 2005. Humans have been eradicated from earth and re-structured again by  seven survivers.

In The Gathering (Episode I) humanity has disappeared and seven people remain throughout the planet. Their goal: TO MEET.

From the gathering the sun bearer is born, holding the key to humanity rebirth.

The Gathering will be a No Budget Film shoot in digital in winter 2004-05.

Zelig is looking for
REPRESENTATION URGENTLY, so if you are a Manager or Agent and can see those $$$ in some of these ideas, Contact him!
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