Updates (7/26/01)- We here at ZN Anime are proud to introduce the Make-Your-Own-Anime-Character page! Now you can make that anime character that you've always had stewin' in the brain of your. just visit the page to find out more details. Enjoy!

Updates (8/01/01)- Please welcome Revolutionary Girl Utena to ZN Anime. Even though it's kinda a late celebration, we have added this page in celebration of the newest addition to the Utena series! So come and enjoy the page!

Updates (8/01/01)- We finally got the X/1999 page up and running and we're hoping that we can get more media on the current anime pages. But never fear we are literally working day and night (in between work and sleep) to make ZN Anime a more enjoyable experice for all.

Updates (8/19/01)- OK ok! I know it was my turn to update the site and it's like a long time from the last update but work has pulled me left and right. Well ok I got it done. Anyway. Alright, ZN Anime is happy to finally present Oh/Ah My Goddess to our wonderful home.

Updates (8/21/01)- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZN Anime! Today marks the day the ZN Anime 1st opened! I am amazed that we have lasted this long and I'm even more amazed that I have gotten as many hits as I have gotten. I want to thank Winter Light and Anime She Devil for their help w/ the creation of the site! I couldn't really have the site that I have now. I'm so happy that Winter came up w/ the layouts that she did because she has really come up w/ a wonderful layout and I'm just waiting for her next layout.

Updates (10/8/01)- Ok okay. We didn't realize that the Make-Your-Own-Anime-Charcrter part of our page would be so darn popular and w/ the new school year coming around we have to shut down that part of our site until winter, anime she devil, mocha flames (new girl) and myself get all the characters together and work on each page. This could take awhile. Neway, ZN Anime will be closed for construction really soon so prepare yourself.

Updates (1/29/02)- Wow. It's been a long time since someone has updated this page. Goodness! Well, check it, I, MochaFlames, have done the updating this time. I've added a link page so that those of you that have those of you have good pages can represent. So have fun with it, 1.

Updates (2/10/02)- Hey! They finally let me, WinterLight redo the layouts! I'm so happy! I hope that you people love the new layouts as much as I love it. If anyone ever reads these updates, please email the headmistress, ZN, cause her great grandfather passed away yestuday and she won't be around for awhile. Thank You! - WinterLight

And always remember if you have any questions feel free to email the head mistre
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