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Promised update never happened. Please don't kill me! I have no time. NONE! NOT EVER! *mumbles incoherently* poor, poor me...oh ye In case anyone is interested, I now have an online diary, at zellia.diaryland.com. Yay! Or maybe not. >.< When is the next time I'll ever, ever, EVER be able to do ANYTHIN here? I don't know. But I do know that Curly is somehow getting up the cowboy bebop galleries and such. They might be here. Sometime. Er. I have yet to do fushigi yuugi and cardcaptor sakura and eva and love hina and trigun. *sigh* Spring break? I'll be in carnegie hall during spring break. Well, I may have a few days. Hopefully i won't have too much homework, 'cause that would kinda suck, y'know? Yeah. Maybe after the orchestra rehearsal on april 4th. Maybe. Hmmmm. Yeah. Oh well, we'll see what happenes with this site. Bye for now.